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Welcome to Beatles Ireland


Fan club for Beatles fans around the world with an Irish input


IrelandBeatles Irish Heritage

The Beatles were the main instigators of what has come to be known as the 'British Invasion' period of rock-and-roll, the overwhelming majority of their fans throughout the world do not realize that the roots of the famed Liverpool quartet lie not in Merseyside, but actually across the stormy waters of the Irish Sea in Ireland. more >

IrelandBeatles Irish Stories

The day the Beatles came to Dublin and how The Beatles have been part of Ireland with their stories. more >


John Lennon

John Lennon 1940 - 1980

For the stories about John, which include the FBI files, Interviews, Lennon stories and Woolton. more >


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

For the stories about Paul, which include Interviews, Paul bits, and Paul stories. more >


Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

For the stories about Ringo, which include Interviews, Ringo bits, and Ringo stories. more >


George Harrison

George Harrison 1943 - 2001

For the stories about George, which include Interviews, George bits, and George stories. more >


Beatles Bits

Beatles Bits

Bits about The Beatles plus other stories sent in by you including the Casbah, Yoko and Alistair Taylor. more >




For reviews of music albums, Beatle books, DVD's, Liverpool and Bits and Pieces. more >


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