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Welcome to the Casbah



John Lennon: ‘Hi everyone, welcome to the Casbah. We’re The Quarrymen and we are going to play you some rock and roll.’


As there were so many friends calling in to see her sons Mona Best suggested that they could redecorate the cellars and turn them into a club.


Work began on the decoration with Mona, Pete, Rory and a number of fiends, including a girl called Ruth Morrison. Ken Brown and George Harrison came round to see Mona, although it was Ken who seemed most enthusiastic about the project. Ken began to spend his spare time helping to convert the cellars into a club and spent weekends working there.


George Harrison turned up with John Lennon and his girlfriend Cynthia Powell and they helped with painting the walls shortly before the official opening.


When the Club officially opened on Saturday, 29 August 1959, the resident band was the Quarry Men. The doors opened at 7.30 pm and each Saturday the Quarry Men appeared on stage at 8.00 pm. Membership was two shillings and sixpence (12p) per annum and entrance at the door cost one shilling (5p). During the first year the club enrolled more than 1,000 members.


The Casbah Club played an important part in the career of the Beatles. If it had not opened, the Quarry Men would probably not have re-formed and there would never have been any Beatles.


Rock The Casbah

Welcome to The Casbah

All the Best for The Casbah

The Return of The Casbah

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