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All the Best for the Casbah

The True Beginnings



With the blessing of Sir Paul McCartney Liverpool’s Casbah Club was reopened to the public on Saturday, August 24. It was in this coffee Club, located in the cellar of a 15-room Liverpool home, that the early Beatles first performed together.The original owner and proprietor was Mona Best, mother of the Beatles’ original drummer, Pete Best. As a teenager, Paul McCartney helped Mrs. Best to decorate the club before she opened it to the public all those years ago.


Beatles fans will now have the opportunity to view the club’s ceilings, which were designed and painted by John and Paul. One of the walls still features a silhouette of John Lennon playing his guitar painted by his first wife, Cynthia. On the opening night of the club, the Quarry men, John and George playing together in public for the first time.


Paul McCartney holds fond memories of Mrs. Best who passed away in 1988. Paul recalls, “She seemed to understand what young people were going through.”


Her son, Pete Best, claims that he has not spoken to any of the Beatles since the day he was replaced by Ringo Starr.


He thinks perhaps the reopening of the Casbah may offer an opportunity for a reconciliation with Paul: “Fifteen years ago I would have said, ‘No, he wouldn’t be welcome’. But things change. If he would like to come in a private capacity, the door is open’.


To mark the reopening of the club, Roag Best (the son of Mona Best and Neil Aspinall) will release his book called The Beatles; The True Beginnings (Screenpress Books; ISBN; 1901680657). The book claims to be fully authenticated by Paul McCartney and is filled with illustrations of rare early Beatles memorabilia. It documents the importance of the Casbah Club to the early careers not only the Beatles, but of bands such as The Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Dominoes, and the Hurricanes as well.


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