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Lost Beatles Christmas Tape


For review of The Lost Christmas Tape see below

It's real.... Newly discovered Beatles xmas recording....CD available!!!

Free MP3


A lot of mystery surrounds a rare new Beatles Christmas message tape that has been found after being lost for many years.


The tape was originally sent to the Beatles Publishers in the mid 60's. It is an unedited live tape of the Beatles standing round a microphone, probably at Abbey Road, attempting to record a Christmas message tape for their Fan Club.


The Engineer who can be heard on the tape plays sound effects to the Beatles in an attempt to get them to come up with something that can be edited together to make a record that can be sent to the Fans. It was obviously felt that this session didn't come up to the Beatles high expectation as none of this tape has ever been heard before, so it must have been scrapped.


It was however greatly appreciated by the few people who heard it in the 60's and now it is available to Beatle Fans of the 21st century to hear the guys just having a bit of fun all those years ago.


Free MP3 sample at site:
e-mail: lostbeatlestape@yahoo.com


Review of The Lost Christmas Tape

I had an advanced copy of this tape and it was truely amazing. After listening to the Beatles talking away and then sing 'I Wish I Was In Dixie Land' is a must for any Beatle Fan. Any Beatle Fan that was in their club back in the 60's will find this tape to be a gem.


But the big question that remains is why did they think it wasn't good enough to be released back in the 60's? - Anyway you can check it out for yourself and can hear a sample from the tape from http://www.memorybankinc.com and you'll see for yourself what a gem of a tape this is.




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