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Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney


in Concert

- RDS - Dublin

27 May 2003






The paul McCartney gig in Dublin by Mick


Just like 7th November 1963, May 27th 2003 is a date that will be forever etched in the minds of Irish Beatles fans. For two members of BEATLES IRELAND it certainly wasn’t just ‘Another Day’ as they were given Access All Areas at Paul McCartney’s ‘Back In The World’ Dublin Concert. This is their story:


Paul McCartneyOur members had arranged the previous night to meet at 3:30pm in the Horseshow House in Ballsbridge, and when I arrived around 3:00pm, there were already some fans there including Debbie & Peter from Liverpool, and the lovely Pat Moore.


I was instructed to be at Gate H on the Simmonscourt Road for 4:00pm so Pat and I headed down early. The fans had already gathered outside, and we were met by Aine (Chris Roche Promotions) who seemed to spend her entire day on the phone.


Paul McCartney in concert DublinAfter passing through two different levels of security, we were passed over to Abigail Potter (Tour Manager for the Pre-Show). She brought us down to her dressing room area where people were getting dressed up in various costumes and putting on make-up. It was like been in a Circus, and it was great to witness it first hand behind the scenes, how a show of this magnitude is put together.


Abigail arrived back with our ‘Dancer’ passes which she explained, enabled us to go anywhere except the dressing rooms. We were also told we couldn’t take any photographs backstage, except in the pre-show dressing room.


Paul McCartney in concert DublinShe offered us the choice of whether we wanted to carry a Helium Balloon or not for the pre-show, but having witnessed the event six days earlier in Hamburg, we were fully aware that we would miss at least 30 minutes of the concert if we participated. She explained that we would have to return to the dressing room, take off the costumes, and make-up, so we declined politely. We spotted Wix whom Pat shouted over to “You’re my hero”. He acknowledged us embarrassingly.


With our VIP Passes displayed, we decided to have a look around, and made our way out into the empty arena. The sound-check was about to start and for Pat & I it was a private performance by Paul, just for us.


There were only about 20 people visible, most of them sound technicians, and at 4:45 Paul & the band walked on stage and kicked straight into Coming up. Next came a real treat as Paul performed a Eurovision Song. He had only performed Volare in Rome so it was great to hear it in Dublin and after a couple of minutes of it he said to the band “we should extend this a bit”, and he did.


“This is the Dublin Remix of Volare he announced, and they played a long 4 – 5 minute version for us to enjoy. After Honey Don’t, Yakety Yak and Honey Hush he thanked the handful of people “thank you uncontrollable people”.


Then he spotted us (he couldn’t miss us) and commented “There’s people wearing Yellow Submarine T-Shirts, we know a song about that don’t we”. He continued with ‘Matchbox’ and the brilliant C Moon which was the highlight for me, and sounded fantastic in the empty arena.


It was now 5:30pm, the time the gates were due to open but Paul didn’t look like he was finished yet. Midnight Special, Blue Moon of Kentucky, and Here There and Everywhere followed, and again the small applause provoked him to comment “Thank you uncontrollable people, you wild bunch”.


After Celebration we shouted up to him to sing Another Day. “I don’t know it” he replied in a scousers accent. “We do” said Pat. “Well come on up and sing it then” he joked. If he’d have meant it, Pat and I would have been up on that stage before you could say Coming Up.


It was now 5:50pm, so he quickly went through You Never Give Me Your Money / Carry That Weight on the piano and then switched to his psychedelic piano for Lady Madonna. He had only left the stage a couple of minutes before the crowds started arriving in, and running up to the front of the stage to get the best positions.


With the sound-check over, Pat and I hung around backstage and one by one we met the band. Firstly I got to speak to ‘Wix’ who was very friendly and signed by album booklet. I asked him about their recent Moscow Concert in Red Square three days earlier, and if he got to meet the Russian President. “I got to meet Gorbachov” he said. “I’ve always wanted to meet him, he was great”.


Brian was next to pass by and he told us how much he’s enjoyed the tour. I think they all sounded a little disappointed that it was coming to an end. While chatting to him, a dark shadow appeared over my left shoulder, it was the loveable friendly Abe.

Pat had sent him in my direction and he was lively and very happy, shaking hands and smiling. “I’m having a ball on this tour” he said. Pat then told him that she knew where the best places in Dublin to party were.


“We’ve got a day tomorrow in Dublin to look around, but tonight we’re going out to party in a castle near Dublin” (Luttrelstown Castle) said Abe. Pat was quick to add “we’ll come along” but Abe informed us that “I think it’s a private party tonight”. Well, you can’t blame us for trying.


Paul McCartney in concert DublinThe final band member Rusty was close at hand also. He’d been within earshot for the past 15 minutes, talking to several people and when he signed my booklet he tried to find a marker because the pen wasn’t making much of an impact on the dark background of the two pages devoted to him, but what the heck. I was just glad to be in his presence. I now had the four band members, I’m sure there’s someone I’m forgetting.



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