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Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney


in Concert

- RDS - Dublin

27 May 2003






The paul McCartney gig in Dublin by Mick


Part two


The pre-show was now almost ready but the sudden downpour had upset their plans. “We’re now doing a rain-show, so it’s umbrellas all round” shouted Abigail (Pre-show Tour Manager). “I’m scrapping the stilts” shouted another clown, as the stage was getting wet. “Be very careful on stage. They’re drying it as I speak but it could be slippy” she added.


It was great to witness all this. True professionals doing their job and having to make last minute changes to their daily routine. “It’s a 7:45pm Show-time” someone else shouted into the dressing room.


Time was now ticking on, and we’d been standing around for a while and nobody had come near us about meeting Paul. My thoughts started drifting to the two German fans who were promised they’d meet Paul, and then it never happened. Surely this couldn’t happen to us ? We’d waited 40 years for this moment and we knew he was nearby.


Paul McCartney in concert DublinWe approached Abigail who was unaware we were due to meet him, so she went looking for Geoff Baker (Paul’s Press Officer) but couldn’t find him. It was now 7:30pm and we were running out of time dramatically.


Abigail tried again but had no luck, and it wasn’t looking good for us. Then, a slice of Irish luck. We spotted Aine (whom we met when we arrived) and explained to her that we hadn’t seen him yet, so she contacted Geoff immediately. Things were now happening !


Geoff spoke to Aine and then he walked promptly over to us. “Sorry about the mix-up, come this way” he said. We were now only feet away from the great man. We walked pass an important looking man (well he had an ‘ACCESS ALL AREAS’ laminated pass hanging from his neck, and that’s important enough for me).



We walked into Paul’s dressing room and he met us just inside the door. “Oh it’s the people in the Beatles Ireland T-Shirts, come in” he said. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. “What song was it you were looking for at the soundcheck” he asked. Pat told him it was ‘Another Day’ . “Oh we never actually rehearsed that one, so we can’t do it” he added. I mentioned to him that the song was a number one for him here in Ireland and he seemed pleased.


I asked if we could have a few photographs with him and I handed my camera to Geoff, but Paul’s official photographer said “It’s okay, I have a camera”. He took a few photos and told us they would e-mail them on to us.


Just before we were ushered out, we asked for an autograph so Pat got him to sign her ‘Blackbird’ book of poems and lyrics and I got him to sign a photograph of us shaking hands in Monaghan last June.


We shook hands again and as we were leaving Pat told Paul “Tell your lovely wife that we think she’s great”. He appeared genuinely impressed with our support for Heather and he leaned over and kissed Pat (to go with the wink she got in Liverpool), so we’ll never hear the end of this. With that, it was time to go, the clowns were already on stage, the pre-show had started and the twenty minute countdown had begun.


Paul McCartney in concert DublinPat and I made our way out into the arena by the side of the stage, and proceeded to make our way in towards the front of the stage. Thankfully our ‘crew’ passes were working a treat. Everyone moved back and let us through without any quibble. If only I had these passes at every concert I went to. We met Damian & Deirdre and were eventually in the middle of the crowd, about six people deep from the front.


We watched the Pre-Show which consisted of The Fireman Special Auraveda Remix and consisted of several people running around in costumes. Some people carried giant blue & white helium globe balloons (which we were supposed to do), and one clown balanced on a large ball. Some of the audience were getting impatient and were wondering when we was going to appear.


At 8:06pm the giant screens displayed a silhouette of Paul’s Hofner Bass, and seconds later a silhouette of the man himself holding his prized Hofner above his head. The screen went up, the crowd went wild and Hello Goodbye and Jet got the crowd roaring.


Paul in concert“Hello Dublin, we have come to rock you tonight” Paul opened with, before rocking us with All My Loving. “This next song is a song from the 60s but it hasn’t been heard since, until this tour”. The rain began to fall during Getting Better provoking Pat & I to start singing ‘getting wetter’, but I don’t think Macca will let us put our surnames before his on the writing credits of this one.


After Let Me Roll It (which was played to perfection) Paul commented “Dublin’s bubbling”. He went on to say that “all the songs you’ve heard up to now are old ones, but this next one is a track from my latest album”. He sang Lonely Road before introducing Abe who said “now at the piano Paul McCartney” and then Paul dedicated Your Loving Flame “to someone out there in the audience, my lovely wife Heather”.


“Now this is the part of the show where the rest of the band leave me alone with you” he said before treating us to a 30-minute solo set of classics including Blackbird, Everynight, and We Can Work It Out. For You Never Give Me Your Money / Carry That Weight he forgot the lyrics and bluffed it (just like he does on the live album).


Then he told us a great story about a massage he had while touring in New Orleans. “One of the great things about touring is that you get to stay in loads of different hotels, and when you’re there you can have a massage. So I asked for one, and this big guy comes up to my room and asks me to sit upright on the table. Now he says to stare into his eyes and try and burn a hole in his eyes with my eyes. It’s a massage I wanted, not a deep relationship, and I keep telling that story everywhere I go, in the hope that it’ll get back to him and he’ll stop doing it”.


“Then another time when I was in Tokyo (the very mention of Tokyo gets the crowd jeering), no not that time, but another time.


Paul McCartney in concert DublinThis lady came to my room and asked me to lie down, and as she started to massage my arms she started singing ‘yesterday, all my troubles………’ thank god ! she didn’t know the middle eight, and they are both true stories” he joked.


Back to the music and he explained “that we all mean to say things to friends, but somehow we never get the chance. They die, and you think, if only I’d have said this before” and he asked the audience “let’s here if for John”.


He then dedicates Here Today to John and after it brought out a ukelele that George gave him. He talked about “George being a great ukelele player and that anytime you’d go around to George’s House, the ukelele’s would come out. George was a great fan of George Formby, who was a great ukelele player himself. He was an actor in the 40s, British” Paul added.


“Anytime I mentioned George Formby’s name in the U.S. you’d always only get one person who would clap and know him” he explained. He then played a beautiful version of Something on the ukelele.


At the end of the song we all shouted ‘What About Ringo’? to which Paul replied “There’s always someone who shouts what about Ringo, and I told Ringo this and he’s delighted”. Paul then conducted the crowd through a verse of ….we all live in a yellow submarine.


Paul McCartney in concert DublinThe band had now returned onto the stage and treated us to a trio of beatle classics – Eleanor Rigby, Here,There and Everywhere, and I’ve Just Seen A Face. Keyboardist Wix came to the fore with his accordion for a beautiful rendition of Calico Skies, and Two of Us encouraged a huge sing-a-long from the 30,000 crowd.


Paul then spoke about “when I was younger I learnt French as I reckoned it was a good way to pull the birds. We also wore black polo necks (to which the crowd roared). Now this is ridiculous” he said, “a piece of clothing getting a round of applause. Okay, how about polka dot boxer shorts” he adds, which brings even bigger screams. This leads us into Michelle which comes with a backdrop of night time Paris and an illuminated Eiffel Tower.


Band On The Run is fantastic. He starts with the slow version (the version he recorded for BBC Radio) and then kicks full blast into the song proper. At the end of Back In The U.S.S.R. he adds “we just played that song a few days ago in Red Square and you can imagine how well that went down”.


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