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Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney


in Concert

- RDS - Dublin

27 May 2003






The paul McCartney gig in Dublin by Mick


Part three



He then introduced Rusty before moving to the piano for Maybe I’m Amazed and Let Em In. He then said “I wrote this next song for Linda, and I dedicate it to all the lovers, keep on loving” and he performed My Love. Rusty was an adequate substitute for Henry McCullough.


Paul McCartney in concert DublinThen he introduced Wix, who said “trathnona” and he put on a giant Guinness Hat. He then produced a pint of Guinness from behind the keyboard which was fully approved by the crowd. She’s Leaving Home was introduced as another song from the 60s that hadn’t been performed until this tour.


Can’t Buy Me Love had the place rocking again as beatlemania images were displayed on all the screens and had the whole place in a frenzy. “This is a song for anyone celebrating a birthday” said Paul before performing the aforementioned, after which he introduce Brian. Live And Let Die blew the ears off us with it’s Pyrotechnics and visual flashing image spectacular on the giant video screens.


The crowd were calmed down for Let It Be, which brought out all the cigarette lighters, and then he told the audience “I’ll need your help with the end of this next song” before sitting at the piano to sing Hey Jude.


Once the audience participation had begun, he walked to the front of the stage and asked “for all the girls to sing it”. Then he asked “for all the guys” and continued playing the song for nearly ten minutes before he said goodbye and all the band left the stage.


With the crowd shouting for more Paul returned on stage waving an Irish flag to which the fans reacted with a chorus of ‘ Ole-Ole-Ole’. He sat at the piano and sang The Long and Winding Road before some of his crew again carried out his psychedelic piano for him to perform Lady Madonna to absolute perfection. (This was the actual piano that this song was originally recorded on).


“You want to keep rocking” he asked. The crowd roared, so he brought us back 40 years for I Saw Her Standing There. At the end of the song he threw his Hofner Bass to John Hammel (his personal assistant), who managed to grasp it just before it would have hit the ground. The whole band started to do crazy little monkey imitations before bowing and thanking the audience once more, and waking off stage again.


Back Paul came immediately with an acoustic guitar and you could have heard a pin drop as he sang Yesterday to a silenced RDS. He was given a standing ovation by the Irish crowd.


He beckoned the rest of the band back on stage and as his fans shouted for more, he said “there comes a time when we’ve got to go home…and more importantly you’ve got to go home” a comment which the crowd disagreed with.



Paul McCartney in concert DublinHe concluded with Sgt Pepper’s (Reprise) and The End and as he threw a plectrum into the crowd he said in Irish “Slan Abhaile, see ya next time”, and then left the stage for the final time. This time it was over and I was no longer jealous of anyone who’d seen him play the Adelphi 40 years previously.


As the crowd started to drift away, Pat & I once more availed of our backstage passes and returned to the pre-show dressing room. We collected our belongings, drop into the hospitality tent to get a drink and met all the gang, including Maurice McCarthy back in the Horseshow House.


Damian and I were the only ones who made it into The Village for a few drinks, but my feet were falling off me, so it was time to go home and get some sleep. I would no longer have to dream about meeting James Paul McCartney.


Mick Lynch


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