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Ringo Starr is now Executive Honorary

Member of Beatles Ireland



Yes, it’s true! Ringo Starr is now an Executive Honorary Member of Beatles Ireland, and joins our list of Patrons (Sir George Martin, Julian Lennon and Astrid Kirchherr), and our Honorary members (Cynthia Lennon, Pete Best, Geoff Rhind, Gay Byrne, Gerry Marsden, Rod Davis, Colin Hanton, Len Garry, Eric Griffiths and Pete Shotton).


A few of the Beatle Ireland members got to meet Ringo before his concert at The Point Depot, Dublin. He was presented with flowers and a special gift signed by Beatles Ireland fans. The Bodhran given to Ringo was presented by Pete and Pat, and he was then asked if he would like to become an Executive Honorary Member of Beatles Ireland, which he said he would love to do.


If you want to know how Ringo became an Executive Honorary Member of Beatles Ireland and see what the concert was like - then read on.


Ringo – l Couldn’t Believe My Eyes


I couldn’t believe my eyes back on June 4th when I read in the evening paper a small paragraph breaking the news that Ringo Starr was to play the Point Depot in August, 35 years after he had played Dublin with The Beatles, on November 7th 1963.


The news marked the beginning of an hectic crusade by many of our members. Our goal was to have Ringo sign up as an Executive Honorary Member of Beatles Ireland.















Ringo Starr meeting members of Beatles Ireland


It was always going to be an uphill struggle, but our hearts and minds were set on our task. From that day in early June until the day of the concert itself, every string, chain, elastic band etc. was pulled! Old favours were called in, old girlfriends-boyfriends re-visited (no trick was too low for us!), and all possible (and some impossible) avenues were explored to ensure that we could meet Ringo, and invite him to sign up with our club.


There was great excitement and plenty of media attention, but alas, despite our best efforts, all doors, windows and any other entries, were closed to us. However, persistence is a key word amongst Beatles Ireland members.



The day before the concert arrived - August 19th - and the excitement was electric! Up until then there had been a constant stream of 'phone calls from members all over Ireland who wanted to come to Dublin, and great thanks to all concerned who organised accommodation for all who needed it; who set up the meeting place in Jury’s Custom House Inn, and with special mention to Vanie who played a blinder, and to Pat who organised the new Beatles Ireland T-shirts which were worn with great pride by of our members.


Derek did trojan work yet again getting the magazine out in time to inform all our members of our arrangements.


Nearly 35 years after his first appearance, on August 20th 1998, Ringo played The Point. The great day had dawned. Our goal: TO SIGN RINGO! YES! YES! YES! (Or should that be Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!). At this stage all doors remained firmly shut but there was still a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, even though all of the powers-that-be kept assuring us that it was out of their hands, and there was nothing they could do. We had been given two different names, people who may be prepared to, at the very least, give our gift of a Bodhran to Ringo on our behalf.


This would be better than nothing, but still disappointing, if that was all that could be done. However, we were not to be outdone, and our intrepid team of Pete, Hughie and Mick made their way to The Conrad, where Ringo was staying, to try their luck there. After all, this was the most important day in the life of the club; our day to have Ringo join our other illustrious honorary members Sir George Martin, Julian Lennon, Cynthia Lennon, Gay Byrne and Pete Best. As part of our club his membership would mean a great deal to us in the future with regard to sponsorship and promotions, and we could not, and would not, give in!

Once again into the fray! We were met by a rather large gentleman to whom we gave our story. He replied, "Ringo’s not here." Another blow! However, after our introductions, and after impressing upon him the importance of our task, he told us to make our way back-stage at 7:30pm that evening and he would see what he could do. The tiny light was beginning to glow a little brighter!


At long last we could relax. After a short diversion of tea, scones and a call to Pat to tell her that we were currently interviewing Ringo! (Guys, don’t forget, I still owe you for that one, Pat!) She went wild, and was both upset at missing Ringo and delighted at our meeting with him; then swore painful revenge when she discovered our joke (Sorry, Pat!).


Excitement was building all the time. We made our way to meet our other members at Jury’s, and it was wonderful to see our friends from all over Ireland (and indeed, even one from Russia!) wearing Beatles Ireland T-shirts with our club logo on the front, and the Irish Flag design on the back. Georgina had even drawn a lovely portrait of Ringo which she was hoping to present to him.


Time seemed to pass both very quickly and very slowly at the same time! Bizarre, but we were all so excited, it was understandable!


Meeeting Ringo











Ringo meeting Pat and Pete


Ringo – To The Point


Before we knew it, it was time to leave for The Point. We had headaches trying to figure out how we would all get there - 7.30 was our deadline. Terry Saunders had his car outside and a first come-first served situation prevailed. Pat, Keith, Jackie and Pete (the author!) piled into Terry’s car and off we went complete with Bodhran (which had been signed with good luck wishes by all the members of our club), and with a big bouquet of flowers.


As we drove down the quays, the tall-ships were a very impressive sight on that late summer's evening. By the time we got to The Point it was twenty minutes to eight and we felt that we had blown it! However, we went around to the stage entrance anyway and told our story to the security man, who's response was either to 'get in or get out'!!


The gate was now being closed and we pleaded with security to allow us wait for our friends who were close behind us in a car, but to no avail. We had to decide - in? - or out? We had no choice of course; so it had to be 'in'. We were shepherded through another doorway where we were met by another person looking big and impressive. Pete dropped a name, Pat dropped a name, and somehow one of the names worked. Our man from the Conrad appeared and remarked that there had been no females at the earlier encounter in the hotel. Pat very properly kept her feminist instincts to herself!!!


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