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Ringo – The Concert


Ringo in ConcertWe saw a BEATLE on stage! We all enjoyed the whole experience, and so did he. It was obvious that Ringo was having a party ‘With A Little Help From His Friends’ in Beatles Ireland; and during his performance he recognised many of these new friends. Andrew was particularly delighted when Ringo told him to sit down and when the bouncers approached, Ringo said "Aw, come on, I only asked him to sit down, there’s no need to throw him out." Ecstasy!


Georgina had a wonderful surprise for Ringo. When she showed him the lovely portrait she had drawn of him he took it from her, looked very carefully at it, showed it to the audience and said "Well, the face is a bit thinner now but this is very good"! Praise from a Beatle!!!


Ringo had some tremendous musicians in his entourage. Peter Frampton threatened to steal the show - where is your lovely hair, Peter? It was a magical feeling to be in the presence of so many musical legends gathered in one place.


Ringo in concertThe show ended with ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ and it was good to see so many happy faces, of all ages, leaving The Point. Our next stop was The Castle Inn where, thanks to Keith and to all the staff, we had a nice and relaxing finish to a glorious night talking Beatles and taking pictures, and indulging in a little drink - or two!


It was really good to meet up with so many of our members from all over the country again, and to see them all enjoying themselves so much. We will be holding each and every one of you to your promise that you return in November to the Capital for our celebration of '35 Years Since The Beatles Played In Dublin'. We will be celebrating Beatles Ireland’s 5th birthday and holding the first ever 'BEATLEMANIA' - our own Convention on November 7th 1998. How many days away is that?


By Pete Brennan



Ringo – Concert Review


Ringo in concertOnce again a voice said "Please take your seats as the show is about to begin". The lights went down, the screams went up. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band"!!!!


The Point erupted when Ringo strolled onto the stage and went straight into ‘It Don’t Come Easy’ and ‘Act Naturally ’. Dressed in dark pants, glittery silver top and two-tone jacket, Ringo introduced us to the legendary Peter Frampton.


Renowned for his trademark sound - the "voice box" guitar technique of forming words by channelling the sound through a mouthpiece - Frampton belts out the classic ‘Show Me The Way’. During this song he comments on the 'nice tie' Andrew is wearing in the front row!!


Jack Bruce sings the ‘Cream’ hit ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’. Simon Kirke belts out ‘Shooting Star’ and Gary Brooker dedicates a song to all those who have passed away.


Ringo in concertThe crowd wanted to hear Ringo, so he obliged with ‘Boys’ and ‘Love Me Do’. Our ‘RINGO NO TOMATOES’ banner bought a cheeky grin from the Liverpudlian.


Then came a moment to cherish for our Georgina. During ‘Yellow Submarine’ she presented Ringo with a portrait of himself which she had drawn, and as he admired it and showed it to a packed house, in a distinct 'scouser' accent he commented, "My face is a bit thinner than that"!!


He then continued with John Lennon’s ‘I’m The Greatest’ and the ‘No No Song’, and in an effort to please all the Beatles Ireland members in the front row he sang his current single ‘La De Da’.


As Ringo took a well-earned rest Jack sang ‘I Feel Free’; then proceeded to do a solo version of ‘Molly Malone’ on bass! Simon sang the 'Free' classic ‘All Right Now’, Frampton sang ‘Baby I Love Your Ways’ and Gary Brooker together with Mark Rivera on keyboards treated us to the 60’s 'flower-power' classic ‘Whiter Shade Of Pale’.


Ringo in concertRingo returned dressed in a blue T-shirt and a star-spangled top, with a towel around his neck. Andrew’s insistence on getting an autograph provoked Ringo into telling him to 'sit down', and as the bouncers moved in on our Andrew, Ringo was quick to add "No, don’t throw him out, just get him to sit down".


Ringo in concertPhotograph’ brought the show to a close, but there was definitely going to be an encore! As the crowd clapped their hands and Beatles Ireland rattled their jewellery, Ringo returned to finish with the 'Sgt. Pepper' track ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’.


Six 'rock' legends on one stage was how it was billed; and it may have been more like a karaoke show, but who cares? A Beatle played in Dublin for the first time in 35 years and Beatles Ireland were there to witness it, to meet Ringo and to see him in concert. In our eyes this Vertical Man will always stand tall.


By Michael Lynch



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