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The Day we meet The Beatles


Page 2


Throughout this time I continued to approach the stage and continued to attempt to get beyond the barrier. A metal Berlin Wall inside a building, and I also continued to learn German - at least I knew AUSWEISSE BITTE and RAUS.


Maureen eventually stopped following me and so as Cliff Bennett finished their act, I was close to the barrier and Maureen was some distance behind me. When Cliff left the stage, the feeling inside the hall began to change. They were the last act, The Beatles had to be next. The expectancy and the electric feeling of what was to come passed between everyone in the audience like a wave of warmth.

It was a feeling that had to be experienced to be appreciated. It touched you and then went on to the next person to you, only to come back to you stronger than before.


After about 15 minutes a German M.C. came on to the stage. I thought "God, surely he’s not going to ask all of us for an AUSWEISSE BITTE". But no he spoke other German. He was trying to calm down the audience. He had about as much chance of calming them down as I had of finding an Ausweisse Bitte.


Even I was screaming and when looked around to where I should have been sitting, the 70-year-old teenager was also screaming. After about 5 minutes the M.C. gave up. In German he said "They’re here now - Here they come John, Paul, Geor……. that’s as far as he got.


The entire audience, me included went staring mad. I am sure the roof went up about 3 feet and came back down again. If you listen to ‘Back in the USSR’, the opening has the sound of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet landing. Well if you turn your volume up as far as it can go and put your ear against the speaker box, you will hear a sound equal to about one hundredth of what was heard in the Grugahalle that day - Honest.


Behind me pandemonium was breaking out. Some people were fainting; others were rushing forward trying to get over or under the barrier. I was nearly crushed against the barrier myself.


During all this mayhem I tried to keep an eye on the security man nearest to me. He eventually did not see me. Whether he was busy keeping the crowd back I don’t know.


All I remember is, one minute he was watching me and the next he wasn’t, and in that instant I was moved from one side of the barrier to the other. As soon as I realised where I was, I turned around and began to help the security men hold back the fans.


I honestly believe I helped save lives that day. Some of the fans rushed straight at the barrier and tried to jump over - no regard for themselves or for the safety of others. Eventually we got them under control and I turned towards the stage. Another security man looked at me and asked a fellow security man about me. This was the one I helped to control the fans and he said ‘Alles in Ordnung’ He is OK, he is all right. I WAS IN.


I walked the six feet to the stage and stood at the edge - my elbows were resting on the stage itself. Two feet from the edge of the stage stood John Lennon himself. I had died, I was in heaven, this is a dream, if it is - please don’t wake me.

I wanted to chew but I knew that if I did I would kill myself because my heart was in my mouth. It was brilliant as The Beatles performed for about an hour and a half, and throughout they changed positions. At times George was next to me, then Paul, but it was mostly John. I was hoping they would move the drum kit, then Ringo could have been within arm length too.


A few times I looked behind to see Maureen. She smiled at me and raised her arms above her head in salute at me getting in there. I thought ‘what am I going to do after the show. I can’t go out there or I’ll never get back in again. I’ll worry about that later’.


I can’t remember all the songs they sang, but I remember ‘Paperback Writer’, ‘She Loves You’ and ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’. Too soon they closed and disappeared behind the stage. Again I turned to look for Maureen. She was standing at the barrier trying to speak to one of the security men. I’m sure all she was getting out of him was ‘AUSWEISSE BITTE’. She was pointing to me and he eventually turned around and saw me. He took her arm, walked her over to the barrier and helped her over it to where I was waiting. "WE WERE BOTH IN".



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