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The Day we meet The Beatles


Page 3


We went down steps that led to the dressing rooms, where we met Peter and Cordon and we had a little chat with them. We asked which room was The Beatles dressing room and they told us. We watched as some people approached the door and were not allowed in.


Peter Asher told us "No one is allowed in to The Beatles dressing room". Even if someone turned up with a telegram from a family member back in England - they would still not get in. This is a rule imposed by The Beatles. No one gets in. "We can’t even get in" said Peter.


This looked like the end of the road for us, the end of the day. As we waited we saw people trying to argue with the doorman outside the dressing room. He was English but he had a German security man with him who spoke German and English. No one got past him.


Maureen was congratulating me on my getting behind the barrier. Look I said lots of blokes wanted to marry you, but I was determined that I was going to marry you - and I did, and I was determined that I was going to get down to the stage and I did that too.


Just then the dressing room door opened and all Fab Four came out. I had just time to take one quick photo of John as he stopped to talk to a friend.


They went from there back out onto the stage and from there - we hadn’t a clue, they just disappeared. Peter Asher told us that they had gone to attend a press conference at the far end of the hall. We went back on to the stage and then into the hall itself. At the end of it was a pair of curtains that stretched from one side of the hall to the other, as well as hanging from the roof to the ground a distance of about 150 feet. In the middle where the curtains opened, stood a security man. Oh no! I thought, here we go again.


This time we just walked boldly up and the security guard just opened the curtains for us, and he saluted us as we went in. Behind the curtain was a stretch of empty hall about 15 feet deep, at the end of which looked like a glass wall. This ‘glass wall’ was in actual fact a glass partition, with a glass door in the middle.


We walked up to the door. Through the glass we could see about 100 or so journalist and photographers taking photos frantically of The Beatles.


We could see the Fab Four behind the glass partition — surely this was the final barrier. If we could get in there what more could we ask for?


I approached the door and knocked. The door opened "AUSWEISSE BITTE, No! RAUS" and the door was slammed in my face. I went back and joined Maureen. I was really down. What can I do? It’s lousy it is not fair. To get this far and no further because we had no Ausweisse Bitte. As we stood there, a man approached the door and knocked. The door opened, the security guard asked for the Ausweisse Bitte, but before he had a chance to stop him, the man had pushed him aside and barged his way into the press conference.


The security guard slammed the door again but by now the gatecrasher was lost among the journalists. Did you see that asked Maureen? Yes I said. "But he didn’t have an Ausweisse Bitte" she added. I know I said. "But he got in" said Maureen.

I was just about to say ‘I know’ again, when another gentleman approached the door and knocked. And like the first one he nearly knocked over the security guard as he barged his way in.


Again the security guard slammed the big glass door shut. Did you see that?" said Maureen. Just then we saw a third man heading for the glass door, and Maureen raced after him and she was so close to him that if she had been any nearer to him - she would have been in front of him. He knocked at the door and as the security man opened the door, he made his way in. Too late, he saw Maureen. He was about to ask her for her pass, when she pushed him (all 6,4" of him) to one side and she was in.


I ran Forward just in time to have the glass door slammed in my face. I raised my arms above my head and all I could do was cry. I could see Maureen, I could see the security guard, I could see the Journalists, I could see The Beatles, and I could see Brian Epstein. Life really sucked right then. She was in there and I was on the outside. Then I noticed that Maureen was talking to the road manager of Cliff Bennett, and he turn called a German security man. The security guard then went to the door and argued with the guard on duty. The door guard then opened the door and beckoned to me. I looked around the room. There was no one there, only me. He was calling me. I went forward and he held the door open. I WAS IN! I WAS IN! I went to Maureen and kissed and thanked her immediately.


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