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The Day we meet The Beatles


Page 4


See - she said. I can be determined too, and I was determined that you and I were both going to see The Beatles today - so there. Then the reality began to dawn on me. I was now breathing in the air John, Paul, George and Ringo were breathing out. They were breathing in the air I was breathing out. I could now go up and touch them. I could speak to them. I would be responsible for some of the words that would leave their lips.


It was Christmas morning - 8:00am. I had just woke to find myself locked in the toy department of Woolworth’s, and all the toys were mine! I was 9 years old and no one was there to put me out.


To fully realise what I was going through you would have to be there and be a Beatles fan. I did go up to their table; I did shake hands with each of them and Mr. Epstein.


Whilst talking to John Lennon, a photographer asked Maureen to jump up onto the table and grab John and kiss him. She said No! John thanked her and said "Do you see all those photographers and Journalists out there. Well they are not here for our good. There is nothing they would prefer than a good raunchy picture and a screaming headline. ‘Beatle kisses fan at Press Conference. Fan screams — It was fantastic’, so thanks for not agreeing".


We were all then told to sit down and that we would all be invited to ask some questions. We must raise our hand to ask a question and only that person who was selected, could ask one.


This we did, and someone asked George - How many guitars do you own? He answered by repeating the question. "How many guitars do I have? Hmmm, I have seven guitars" be replied.


I turned around and was watching the person who asked the question quickly writing down George’s answer, when George interrupted "Sorry, I have sixteen guitars", Questioner quickly amending his script when George speaks again. "No I tell a lie, I have twenty-two guitars and one banjo - or is that three banjos, five ukuleles and seven guitars. I’m not too sure. I don’t count them all that often," he added.


Another question. This time for Ringo. ‘Ringo’ asked the reporter, ‘Gene Krupa played a Slazenger drum, and you play a Ludwig drum. Which do you consider to be the best"? "Who’s Gene Krupa?" asked Ringo. "I prefer to play on Ludwig drums. The fact that I get the Ludwig drum kit free from Ludwig probably goes a long way to influencing me in my answer" he said.


Someone else asked John what his opinion was in regard to the young fans that have to pay black market prices to get in to see their idols. ‘How much would you pay to get in to see a Beatles show?‘ the reporter asked. "I would not pay anything to get in" said John.


I could picture her writing down ‘Beatle values his concert at zero’ when John added "I know the bloke on the door and he’d let me in the side door for free".


I asked John myself t "How did he give up the fags?" as I had noticed he had not smoked at any time during this Press Conference, and he had smoked in the film hard Day’s Night.


"I’ve never smoked," he said. "But I saw you smoke in that film. In fact you chain-smoked in A Hard Days Night" I said. "No I didn’t, I smoked two cigarettes in the whole film but when they edited the film, they stuck it together in such a way that it appeared that I was chain-smoking but I wasn’t" he said. So even I wasn’t going to get a straight answer.


If you ever see a T.V. report of one of their conferences, you’ll see them as I did. Totally relaxed, and completely professional. Their ability to answer reporters questions with wit that never bordered on sarcasm, had to be witnessed in order to realize that it must have taken years of practice to be able to do it the way they did.


I can’t recall any more of the questions on that day, but no one got a direct answer, regardless of the question. Eventually the man in charge said; "Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. The Beatles must now leave". With that they left the conference room.


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