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The Day we meet The Beatles


Page 5


Everyone else was now being ushered to a side door and Maureen and I followed. Just as we reached the door we saw that once through this door, we would be outside in the fresh air, outside the Grugahalle.

Maureen grabbed my arm. "What about our coats Dick" she said. Of course we had forgotten about our coats in the cloakroom, so we turned around and went back the way we came in.


This time when we showed our cloakroom tickets and were allowed re-entry into the Grugahalle. On re-entry, we noticed that there were lots of people sitting down and a lot more looking for seats.


"What is happening" I asked. "Die Beatles kom" said this young German. "But The Beatles played today" I said. "They play twice shows" said the young chap in near perfect Oxford English. "They play twice shows. Let’s go love. This time we’ll see everything" I said, and we did.


We made our way to the front and just sat on the floor, as near to the stage as we could without an Ausweisse Bitte. There we sat and watched the supporting acts and then The Beatles. When the show was over and we got our coats and left the hall, the fans outside refused to disperse. "WE WANT THE BEATLES, WE WANT THE BEATLES" was all you could hear – our own voices added to the screaming thousands.


Eventually the Fab Four made an appearance on the balcony high up on the building. They waved and everyone waved back at them. Then they went back into their rooms and the crowd began slowly to break up and move on.


We found our way back to the car and hovered home. We were both floating for quite some time after that. It was a Saturday that will remain with us forever.


Beatles Ireland would like to thank Dick and Maureen Hall for their time and co-operation in sharing their memories with us.


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