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Paul McCartney’s World Premiere Of

‘Working Classical’



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Famous Five Go To Liverpool….


15th October 1999. Yes, we are off to Liverpool yet again, this time to bear witness to Sir Paul McCartney’s new work - a classical adaptation of a number of his most melodic pieces (mainly from his solo years), and a few more purely classical compositions. My report is not going to review the actual programme of the above - for that you will have to buy the CD; and I promise you that a treat is in store for you if you really do appreciate good music. (You are reading this magazine, so we will take it that you do!).


Paul’s trademarks are melody and harmony, both of which are very evident in the music which he has chosen (‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, ‘My Love’, ‘Lovely Linda’ have obvious poignancy). He uses not only simplicity well, but also holds his own in the very sophisticated classical world. Sir George Martin has obviously had a great deal of influence on the young man’s musical education! Buy this and you may open your ears to a new classical world - if you are not already there.


‘Hi To Mick And To All Of The Lads’


Anyway, 15th October I set out for the Seacat with Damien, Peter, Mick and Terry. Yes, I was the only female, but it was OK because Mick made sure that the entire nation now knew that I was ‘one of the lads’, with his dedication on nationwide radio - thanks Mick!!! The crossing was terrific and I was very impressed with the facilities on board the Cat - not least with the fact that the vessel carried an extremely important piece of machinery - a real Italian coffee machine! Bliss - real expresso on public transport! We arrived in Liverpool, right beside the Liver Building and ten minutes walk from Mathew Street. I tell you guys, no more Ryanair for me - £1.80 for a cup of plastic tea and a £10 taxi fare from Speke? - I don’t think so! Give me the Seacat every time - no rushing, nice crew, great coffee, and a lovely relaxing 3¾ hours on board!!


We were met in Liverpool by our very good friend Harry Prytherch, who, together with his lovely wife Doris, was to be our host for the weekend. What a wonderful home they have! - one hour from Liverpool, in the most beautiful rural setting, where Harry sports a veritable museum of 50’s and 60’s memorabilia. What a collection! – it includes newspapers, books and some very rare records indeed. We could have stayed there forever. Doris obviously thought that the Irish famine was still on-going; she brought out enough food to feed all of the blue meanies - and the entire crew of Yellow Submarine!


We had a bite or two, watched some great videos with Harry and Doris (not those kind Derek!) (What?! no Star Trek!!! Ed), and so to bed. Now I don’t want to reveal too much, but I am not all that sure that allowing four grown men to sleep together is such a good idea! I mean, do they ever actually grow up? I was very thankful to have my own room!!


The following morning we headed into Liverpool. How different an experience from the convention - nice and relaxed with plenty of time for all important Beatle shopping, and for a trip to The Beatles Experience on Albert Docks, which is worth a visit every single time you come to Liverpool. There is always something new added to the exhibition. They do a magnificent job, and it is a wonderful tribute to the Fabs.


‘Excuse Me Miss………..’


We had arranged to meet with Ray Johnston of Cavern City Tours. He and his band were playing a gig in an Irish bar (where else?). The time flew by as we enjoyed ourselves with Ray and Co. until it suddenly struck us - we were going to the World Premiere of an important classical recital at which, we were on good authority, Sir Paul would actually be appearing!


It was know 5:30p.m. and we were one hour away from where we were staying!!!! Where were we going to get ready?? Simple, Albert Docks car park!! - Honest! Terry (our excellent chauffeur) hid the car behind a bus; I took the inside of the car, the guys took the outside!! We had at least had the foresight to leave our bags in the car, and obviously we had all learned how to change out of our togs on the beach – Right?!! It worked! In the blink of an eye I was in my little black number, the guys all looked quite presentable, and none of us had been arrested!! Onward!!


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Paul McCartney’s World Premiere Of

‘Working Classical’


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