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Paul McCartney’s World Premiere Of

‘Working Classical’



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‘Will The Real Paul McCartney Please Stand Up?’


As we reached the beautiful Royal Philharmonic Theatre the excitement in the air was electric. We heard from the LIPA scruffs that Paul had actually requested earlier in the afternoon that security guards bring in any personal items from fans outside, to be autographed by him. This was a nice gesture - especially since he has publicly stated that he is not doing that kind of stuff anymore.


Terry had brought along a book of Celtic sayings, poems and wisdoms, which he hoped to present to Paul and which we left with the backstage people, who were really friendly and accommodating. We met Harry and Doris and all went inside where we were greeted by several old friends - Lawrence Gilmour and Bob Barty being amongst them – both, of course, Paul McCartney impersonators - which was a bit bizarre!


We took our seats. The orchestra filed in, sat down, tuned up, and suddenly there was sustained applause and clapping. We looked round to see the great Sir Paul McCartney (Macca to his friends!) making his way to a seat about twenty rows from the front. He looked just like any ordinary guy at the theatre with his family. His brother Mike and quite a few of his Liverpool family, (cousins, nieces, nephews and the like), accompanied Paul. The audience was so touched by his choice of seating that they actually left him pretty much alone, confining their appreciation to the most moving standing ovation that I have ever witnessed.


The concert commenced and it was beautiful. The performances by the artistes really did justice to the music. Every personal song, especially the ones dedicated to Linda, brought a new round of appreciative applause from the audience who, after all, really did not need much encouragement. It was a lovely warm, happy concert and I felt truly privileged to be there. Thanks, by the way, to Ray and Cavern City Tours who managed to obtain the highly prized tickets for us.


‘Just A Nod And A Wink………’


During the interval Pete, Terry and Mick went downstairs to see if they could catch sight of the great man. Pete was determined to meet Paul, and I admit that I was a little frightened by the intensity of his determination. (In other words, in case we got thrown out!!). I decided to go upstairs to the bar! Damien accompanied me and we noticed that the small bar was pretty much deserted although the main bar was mobbed; so we did the logical thing and took the first option. We soon realized that the bar was empty because it was roped off, and was manned (and womanned!) by security. We figured that this would be where the celebs would hang out so we stayed put, hoping to spot a VIP or two.


Suddenly- there was Paul!! - not ten feet away, looking absolutely wonderful, having a little drinkie with his family and friends! We tried hard not to stare but failed miserably. I convinced myself that nobody noticed! We were enjoying the fact that we were in the SAME BAR as Paul McCartney, (albeit totally surrounded by people) when the bell rang and we were told to go back to our seats. At that moment - like the Red Sea - the crowd parted for Paul, and as I walked past him he was no more than six feet away.


I smiled and waved. He looked straight at me; I said hello and waved again and he threw me the most devastatingly groovy wink I have ever received!! Well!! You could have pushed me over with a feather duster!! My knees wobbled, my heart raced. I turned to Damien just in case I was dreaming, but the look on his face told me I was not. Paul McCartney winked - at me!!


I floated back to my seat happy as a pig in sh…… When Pete and Mick appeared, jabbering on about how they had met the great man, had shaken his hand, grasped his shoulder, presented him with a piece of Waterford Crystal on behalf of the club, and went on and on and on … I didn’t care. Paul McCartney had not winked at either of them!!


The second half of the concert was just as good as the first. Paul made an appearance at the end to give a short little speech thanking all concerned, especially his Liverpool family - a lovely touch. He was showered with flowers and gifts all of which he personally accepted and kept, and he engaged in some nice one-on-one banter with the audience. All too soon it was over. Of course we tried to get backstage, and of course we did not. However, lady luck had been good enough to us and we left the theatre floating on cloud 9 to attend at the private party of Cavern City Tours in the De Coubertains Sports Bar, before heading back to the home of Harry and Doris.


‘It’s Not The Leaving Of Liverpool’


The rest of the weekend passed very pleasurably. What an incredible experience we had had! We had been treated to the best in Merseyside hospitality by everyone concerned, mostly by our very good friends Harry and Doris (oh, and not forgetting Jo-Jo the dog!!)


Thank you Harry, Doris, Ray Johnston, Seacat, Liverpool and most of all Paul, for the best weekend of my life. I will treasure the memory of that wink forever. Now for George Harrison!!!!!!!


By Pat Moore


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Paul McCartney’s World Premiere Of

‘Working Classical’


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