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Paul McCartney’s World Premiere Of

‘Working Classical’



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A wink for Pat, a handshake for me, a dream for Pete and a giant step for mankind - and for Beatles Ireland. Paul McCartney's World Premiere of 'Working Classical' took place in Liverpool recently, and Beatles Ireland were there to meet the man himself.


It's Friday afternoon, and we are unsure of which boat terminal we are meant to be at. Our chauffeur Terry is doing his best to get us to the boat on time, and at the second attempt we finally make it.


We had a relaxing crossing, even if we were surrounded by loads of Liverpool fans! We arrived at The Liver Building and followed the signs for St. Helens, until we met Harry, who brought us to Standish.


Doris had a banquet feast prepared for us, and we sat around chatting until the early hours. We had no trouble sleeping, although Terry wouldn't agree with that!! It can be cold when three people are sharing one set of blankets!!!


Saturday Morning arrived with great expectations. We took ourselves into the city centre, where Pat's charm got us free admission to 'The Beatles Story'. Beatles Ireland purchased every last copy of the limited edition yellow vinyl version of 'Yellow Submarine' that was to be had – and likewise with 'Run Devil Run'.


Onto Flanagans, where ‘The Alun Williams Experience’ treated the packed house to some 60’s favourites. Time was ticking by quickly. We rushed back to The Albert Docks, and the five of us changed clothes in a deserted car park. Even Pat was ‘one of the lads’ for this weekend (according to DJ Ian Dempsey!) Only a parked ‘bus prevented us all from been arrested for indecent exposure!!


Hope Street - the next destination - and a parking spot right outside the Royal Philharmonic Hall. We gained access at the side door but got no further, so we handed in a letter and a book for Paul.


The signs on the main entrance said ‘no cameras’, but when you are under the same roof as Paul McCartney you learn not to read. Our seats were upstairs in the balcony, and we had a great view of the auditorium.


Paul's entrance brought the house down. He sat in amongst the crowd with his brother Mike (aka Mike McGear of Scaffold) and with Mike's family. ‘The London Symphony Orchestra’ together with ‘The Loma Mar Quartet’ provided the music for the evening.


The opening half of the show featured favourites including 'Junk' and 'A Leaf' together with some newly-composed pieces. During the interval Pete, Terry and I headed to the ground floor to where Paul was sitting, but he had vacated his seat and so we were ushered out politely.


I Want To Shake Your Hand


Waiting outside we heard the crowd scream, and as I peeped around the corner I could see him - Paul McCartney - bass player with The Beatles - member of Wings - writer of million-selling songs such as 'Yesterday' and 'Pipes of Peace'. He was only twenty feet away, and he was heading in my direction!!!!


Preying like vultures we approached him, but security said to me - "No! He's not signing anything"; so I shook the hand of ‘God’ and asked him how he was.


"Fine man", he said, in his distinctive Liverpudlian accent. His hand felt so soft. I remember thinking ‘this man has never had to do hard labour in his life’.


Pete then approached him, but security were adamant that he wasn't signing anything. When Pete explained he had a gift for him, Paul gratefully accepted saying "Thanks man, thanks very much". Pete explained that the gift was from Beatles Ireland, to which Paul replied "Oh, Beatles Ireland. Thank You"; giving his legendary thumbs-up sign.


Pete then asked him about coming to play in Ireland for all his Irish Fans. Paul’s reply was "Sure man, yeh sure", and he shook Pete's hand once more before disappearing into the auditorium.


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Paul McCartney’s World Premiere Of

‘Working Classical’


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