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John Lennon




John Lennon


1940 - 1980



John Lennon Remembered





Musical Memorial Tribute to John Lennon


‘Thank You for the Music’ is the title track on the forthcoming EP release by CHRIS. The song pays tribute to the late, great John Lennon and will contain surprises that all Lennon/Beatle fans will enjoy. CHRIS hopes the song will reach out to the new and old generations of Lennon/Beatle fans.


Some John Lennon tributes were done in the form of covers and others written as dedications (i.e. Elton John's ‘Empty Garden’ and Queen's ‘Life is Real’). CHRIS takes the approach of summarizing Lennon's life, similar to George Harrison's ‘All Those Years Ago’.


‘Thank You for the Music’ delves into "deep Lennon trivia" by sampling Procol Harum's ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ (the organ part derived from J.S. Bach's ‘Air On G’). Beatle historian’s recall when Lennon bought his psychedelic Rolls in 1967, he had a turntable installed and would play the song repeatedly.


Recorded in studios around the Susquehanna Valley, the production features a Ludwig drum set with pearloid finish, tuned to replicate the classic drum sound of Ringo Starr. The melodic McCartney-like bass line is played on a Rickenbecker bass, filling out the Beatle-ific rhythm section. "I even scooped octaves like Paul," says producer/musician Johnny J Blair, a frequent collaborator with ex-Monkee Davy Jones (whose own legacy owes a debt to The Beatles). Blair's own "sound" has been critically endorsed by Brian Wilson and Euro-pop legend Cliff Richard.

Former David Rose Band guitarist Tim Breon, a session veteran who has worked with Martha Reeves, Neil Sedaka and others, cranks out a Clapton/Harrison-esque lead. "Small world", notes Blair, "David Rose gigged with Yoko Ono and we get his guitarist jamming on a Lennon tribute".


Adding vocal power to the chorus are gospel recording artists Monette Newsuan (Davy Jones' favourite gospel singer) and Cassie Blair of the Unity Christian Fellowship Gospel Singers.

According to CHRIS, "For almost four decades, John Lennon's music was and still is held in high esteem by many great musicians worldwide, from pop to classical, Especially by his number one fan and early songwriting partner Sir Paul McCartney. John was a 'people's musician.' He always emphasizing 'you' and 'we' in his music, not singing for himself but singing for us! He was a missionary for peace and love and, like many great leaders before him, from Jesus Christ to Martin Luther King, was criticized for his good words".


Producer Blair adds, "Lennon has been cut out as both a dysfunctional rich hippie disconnected from the real world as well as an untouchable proto-Christ, elevated beyond semblance to what he really was. I think of him as neither, and I won't have anything to do with either pole. Veneration of pop stars turns me off. To me, Lennon was an ambitious, talented guy from a single-parent home in a backwater working-class city.


He worked his way to the top, earning every dime. He demanded truth and wrote some uplifting songs that made the world a sunnier place. He challenged us from his cultural perch, forcing us rethink attitudes about art, media and religion."


Other songs on the EP include ‘Angel Eyes’, an ode to a friend from Montoursville, PA who lost her life aboard TWA Flight 800. Hungarian spice and a Lennon-style piano flavor ‘In Cypress Gardens’. The lush Euro-soul in ‘Could It Be Forever?’ was well received when the project was premiered at a recent Beatlefest. The spritely ‘Apple Cider Kisses’ (featuring Sarah Keeley of Christian pop group The Frontline Continentals) appeals to both Brit-pop and country audiences. The song was plugged on ‘Country’ KC101.5 FM (Liberty, PA) and CHRIS was profiled on the Saturday Night Dance Party with Joan McKenna.


Rough mixes of the EP have circulated in Europe and the US, creating a buzz from Beatle associates as well as Beatle fanzines/web-sites worldwide. As one Beatlemaniac exclaimed, "This is a definite must for a serious Beatle completist".


CDs are $8.00 each plus $1.50 U.S./Canada shipping. For overseas orders, please add $2.50 to the CD cost for shipping. Personal checks, money orders, or cashiers' checks only (no cash). Please allow four to eight weeks for delivery. Foreign orders please remit in U.S. dollars and make all checks/money orders out to PICK PRODUCTIONS and send to:

P.O. Box152
Cogan Station, PA
E-mail: pickproductions@excite.co.uk




The Other John Lennon


Coincidences concerning the late John Lennon are fairly well known. Lennon believed that the number nine mystically affected his life. He was born on October 9 (as was his son Sean), and he lived at 9 Newcastle Road. Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles on 9 November 1961, and clinched a record contract for them on 9 May 1962. Lennon met Yoko Ono on 9 November, and when he was shot dead in 1980, his body was taken to Roosevelt Hospital – on New York’s 9th Avenue.


Although Lennon died on 8 December, the 5-hour time difference meant it was actually the 9th in Liverpool. On that same cold morning, a 56-year-old man died in Fazakerley Hospital. His name was also John Lennon. He died in Ward 9, and Fazakerley Hospital's postal area is Liverpool 9. The death of the exBeatle and the death of the namesake occurred within minutes of each other.

Copyright Tom Slemen 2001.

Below is a copy of Death Certificate of the other John Lennon.



























John Lennon Remembered

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