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John Lennon




John Lennon


1940 - 1980



John Lennon Remembered





John Lennon's 20th Memorial Project


THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC, the new CD by C*H*R*I*S pays tribute to the late John Lennon (1940-1980). Released for Lennon's 20th Memorial (December 8, 2000), this limited edition release demonstrates CHRIS' incredible musicianship skills and has a multitude of musical flavors (from classical to pop) which is typical of any Beatle release. As one Beatle fan commented, "...it's full of trivial surprises...making it a MUST-have for any serious Beatle completist."


In a recent interview conducted by Dan Wooding
Chris states that it was Lennon who had first opened his eyes to MISSIONS. Chris also expressed that he felt John Lennon was deeply misunderstood by the Christian community, when really Lennon made us realize how much we need God. Lennon was very mission-minded and even sang about religious persecution. In a 1969 song, Lennon sang "Christ, You know it ain't easy...You know how hard it can be! The way things are going, they're going to crucify me!"


Recorded in studios around the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania, the production features a Ludwig drumset with pearloid finish, tuned to replicate the classic drum sound of Ringo Starr. The melodic McCartney-like bass line is played on a Rickenbacher bass, filling out the Beatle-ific rhythm section. "I even scooped octaves like Paul," says producer/musician Johnny J Blair, a frequent collaborator with Davy Jones of The Monkees (whose legacy owes a debt to The Beatles). Blair's own "sound" has been critically endorsed by Beach Boy Brian Wilson, Christian recording artist Larry Norman, and Euro-pop legend and rock pioneer Cliff Richard.


A Clapton/Harrison-esque lead is cranked out by former David Rose Band guitarist Tim Breon (Davy Jones' studio guitarist and engineer). "Small world," notes Blair, "David Rose gigged with Yoko Ono and we get his guitarist jamming on a Lennon tribute."


Adding vocal power to the chorus are Monette Newsuan (Davy Jones' favourite gospel singer, whose music has even been critically endorsed my country/pop sensation LeAnn Rimes) and Cassie Blair of the Unity Christian Fellowship Gospel Singers. Monette, Cassie, and Johnny appear on this project courtesy of Fire Inside-Davy Jones Productions.


Basically a 5-song EP with three remixes, the CD also features the luscious COULD IT BE FOREVER? --- Sure to be a hit at weddings. The song is based on two of Davy Jones' most beautiful recordings WE WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER and (I'LL) LOVE YOU FOREVER. Upon first hearing Chris' early vocal demo of COULD IT BE FOREVER?, producer Blair remarked "It's 'Love You Forever' Part 2." Jones gave a favorable response when he heard COULD IT BE--a blessing to CHRIS, being a long-time fan of Jones' music in and outside The Monkees.


One of the five main tracks, APPLE CIDER KISSES, was first released in 1999 and was well received when Chris was the featured guest on the Saturday Night Dance Party with Joan McKenna airing on KC101.5 Liberty/Mansfield, PA. The song features vocal help from Sarah Keeley, formerly of the Christian pop group The Frontline Continentals (who have collaborated with such artists as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, etc.)


Rough mixes of the EP have circulated in Europe and the US. The CD even received special airplay on Stewart Brodian's radio show WDIY Easton/Allentown, PA (aka The Howard Stern look-alike, as seen on Howard Stern and Rikki Lake, www.brodian.com). Stewart used one word to describe the CD, "poignant!" Chris' project has created a buzz from other musicians and Beatle associates as well as Beatle fanzines/web-sites worldwide. There is a CD Review in Beatlemania magazine (BM Publications): PF 101115, 99011 Erfurt/Thueringen, Germany; http://www.beatlemania.de Also, there was a CD review featured in the March 23rd issue of GOLDMINE! magazine (the Lennon issue). This review can now be found on Al Aronowitz's (aka THE BLACK-LISTED JOURNALIST who introduced Bob Dylan to The Beatles) webpage:


This project is a definite must for all Beatle and Monkee fanatics, and for music lovers everywhere!


Currently, Chris is finishing up work on his upcoming studio release THE MISSION PROJECT due out in November/December 2001. The title track "The Mission" describes Chris' desire to go into missions and help spread peace and love. One of the other tracks entitled REAL samples parts from A. North/H. Zaret's original composition UNCHAINED MELODY and borrows a snip-it verse left out of most recorded verses. "Basically REAL retells the Unchained Melody story from a different angle...this time, it's the girl who has left and the guy who's waiting for her to come home," explains Chris. THE MISSION PROJECT will be available later this fall.


Recently, Chris has been making headways on the radio charts in Australia. THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC has been hovering in the TOP 20 on the KAOS (ISON LIVE RADIO) charts...Sydney's premier music station. KAOS programs are webcast around the globe and get email requests from as far away as England. Last December, the CD was even profiled on KOL-THE VOICE OF ISRAEL in the Holy City of Jerusalem.


Copies of THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC are $12.00 each plus $1.50 U.S./Canada shipping. For overseas orders, please add $2.50 to the CD cost for shipping. Personal checks, money orders, or cashiers' checks only (no cash). Please allow four to eight weeks for delivery. Foreign orders please remit in U.S. dollars and make all checks/money orders out to PICK PRODUCTIONS and send to:

P.O. Box152
Cogan Station, PA
E-mail: pickproductions@excite.com

Listen to soundclips and purchase this CD at CD BABY!

Follow up on this CD and read Chris' MUCH-acclaimed Monkee/Beatle PARODY on Mike Markowski's BEATLES Page http://udel.edu/~mm/beatles/


John Lennon Remembered

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