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John LennonLiterally Connected to John Lennon






The Lennon Task
Unity through Diversity
Understanding from Diversity
Together we can all bring the world to peace



Volume 1 - January 14, 2001

My name is Lynn Cousino Saldanha. First and foremost, you have to bear with me here. Words do flow like endless rain into my paper cup, but we have to start at the beginning just to keep on track. That beginning is me...who I am, where I came from, and how and why I have to audacity to claim a LITERAL CONNECTION WITH, TO AND FOR, JOHN LENNON. Ya gotta get to know me, to know him. Ballsy, eh?


As you can see, this is a surreal account direct from the other side where here is there and everywhere! I am not here to bring forth the words of John Lennon, for that is who he was and he is not him anymore...in a per say way!


Good day and welcome to this version of the Magical Mystery Tour. Step right up. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Ah crap, you say...just get on with it already. Okay...I will! I will indeed!

I live just outside of Toronto, Canada. I am an American, having just married and moved up here a year ago. Oh, by the way...today is my 43rd birthday. Yes, old enough to know better. Old enough to maybe be YOUR mother. And they (The Beatles / McCartney, 1967) always said, "Your mother should know. Your mother should know." So listen up, young grasshoppers! I am no spring chicken of a grandmother, yet I still go out on this limb bringing you this totally cool and real account, and ongoing accounts from a not-so-alive, but still talking and sharing, John Lennon.


What...you say? Who? How can that be? Is she DAFT? Well, let's face it. The easiest thing I could do, for my own peace of mind, is to keep these rants and raves to meself. But ah...I have been there and done that one for the past five (5) years. I share with those who bring the quality and energy to me...those who are questing for their own, but may not even know it yet. It's a gift, and it may be a curse. But...it's mine alone to bring forth. I have dubbed this Lennon connection thingy...The Task. For I--a very grounded Ohio born and raised, Las Vegas big time hotel manager--have found another piece and part of my soul. In that...came forth little Johnnie "Blue Boy" Lennon. Yes, indeedy...I had no clue what or who was gonna hit me when I picked up a very huge Lennon biography in January, 1996.


Please allow me to digress here before you think me nutty, or toss it all off to being "ONE OF THOSE" Lennon groupies. I grew up with The Beatles. We all did. I sat glued watching Ed Sullivan bring them to the American scene just like everyone else did in 1963. I was bummed out to hear they broke up, but hey...it didn't wrack me. And then get this...I always thought that Paul was the "cute one". John was the "bad" boy.The others just well, were great in the TV cartoon. My point here is, I was not a groupie! I had the, "Imagine" album given to me for Christmas of...whatever year that was. I liked it, and I listened to it. Cool message! Wanted to be a hippie, but hey...my Dad was having none of that and I was always a wanna be.


But I did have something weird about me, or like maybe you wanna call it now in this New Age..."special". From the time I was a little kid I could communicate with...well, the other side. Angels...okay let's say they are angels. Better yet, or more in real line, souls...shiny ones at that, who I knew from past lives. Now mind you, I was Catholic born and raised. We were also having none of that Eastern gibberish of past lives in our good little convent schooled barfings. Nah...I promptly tuned off and out of that other world when I was in early primary. Got whacked by my dad on the bum for telling my tall tales of "imaginary friends". They all died and went to heaven the next day! Believe me, I was not a glutton for punishment...ever for the shiny dudes who were not so popular or normal in my less than airy fairy early 1960s Midwestern world.


Now none of this sounds so different than yourself or someone you know maybe. Over the next couple of decades I would experience "hits" and visions from the other side. Glimpses of other realities, but would just chalk them off to being okay, normal, and well...in stride. Balls of white light burning a couple different times on the wall as I would wake up, feelings of energies or spirits standing, or whatever they do instead of stand, next to me as I tried to sleep...and conversations with those beings in that twilight time right before actual sleep. In fact, I pretty much didn't sleep. Nope. As a kid for about 15 years...no joke, I rarely slept. The connection was so great to the other side I was denying that they kept me busy once my eyes closed. I pretended they did not exist all day, and they showed me the other world as I would lie in bed. Sort of weird, but that's the way it was. How could I lie or even make something this silly up? To what advantage? None. That's right, none!


The big juice came that oh-so-special January in 1996. Life had brought me down...like WAY DOWN. Kicks in the butt with health and marriage. Throw in monetary disaster after yet another divorce...way down...deep and awful! I mean, let's face it -- a person has to really come to their knees to bring about change. If that self-actualized premise rings true, then I was ready to find what I found. Myself. A part of me. Who I was. Why I am here. There had to be some THING more, or better, or higher than the pain of hardship and illness. For hey, I knew I was a good person. "Why? Why me?" I asked and on my knees I cried out. Funny thing…my life changed drastically after that time. You can see so much in retrospect. I broke. I broke down. I cried. I cried out. Plain and simple.


Allow me another quick digression here to put it a bit into perspective. For who knows, maybe you are reading this because you are MEANT to. Maybe this, me, could be you. Maybe just maybe, I bring this tedious story of my own idiosynchrisitic twists and turns, for it will help you, Dear Reader, who are drawn to feel my tale. Nothing...no thing happens perchance. So on that note, bear with me, okay?


I moved myself and my teenaged daughter to Las Vegas, from Toledo, Ohio, in 1990. Hell yes from Toledo, Ohio, Midwest, USA to Vegas...va va voom! We moved but forget the va, the va, and the voom. Vegas is a city. A big growing city with houses, schools, and MOUNTAINS all around. That was me, that's why I moved. This incredible energy and vibrancy abounded. A city of lights and growth and upward movement. The fastest growing city in the USA then, and may still be now. So on that note, wipe out all thoughts of decadency and gambling fetishes...cause there was none of that for me.


I grew up in successful family restaurants in Toledo, and ended up in big time Vegas hotel / resort management. Either I was a pretty sharp cookie or Mirage Resorts were desperate for Management...either way, that's where I went and who I became. My daughter, Adriane, was a great kid who did well in every endeavor. All was hunky dory and fine.Then my marriage went kaput. That's always been my own downfall...love and marriage. Coming from parent's that grew up in the time of the Depression, where young girls got married and lived the facade of happily ever after. I just simply wanted to be married and live that dream, but always either picked sucky guys or went through crappy experiences. And the sad thing, I was stupid enough to keep living the dream and not learning the first time. But really, we are all as souls, here to experience. That is the only real reason we are here. Each ride of life's roller coaster can only bring forth the emotions, lessons or twists that we need to grow spiritually. For even if we don't know we are doing so, we are all on a pathway. I just was on a fast track. Easy to see now; hell to face then.


By 1995 and after all broke loose in health and home, I moved back to Toledo. I was sick. I was scared. And...I had two months before fallen to my knees with those aforementioned cries to something higher. Enter Stage 1 -- yanked by the Universe back to Toledo to heal. (Boy, was my daughter mad! A senior in high school...whew! Not a happy camper!) Move ahead to January, 1996...ready to pick up the Lennon bio by Ray Coleman. For what else did I have to do in Toledo, during a snowstorm, but read? My God! Did I read! I drank the words. I felt the soul. I experienced the connection of kindred spirit for the first time in my life. My life made sense, all of a sudden, for as I read, I cried. As I cried, I felt him over my left shoulder, then behind me, then to my right. John. John Lennon. A piece of my part. Another self to me. Coming together...over him, over me. I was shocked, as you can imagine.


Shocked so that I opened back up, from the months of devastation and degradation just prior, to the part of me that I had denied for so long. My ability to connect with the other side. Just to note here, I do not recommend just like putting yourself OUT THERE to talk to someone or anyone. There are some not-so-nice souls lingering to give advice from The Great Beyond, lonely just aching to talk to someone. Don't do it. To connect outside of oneself, you have to first connect, or reconnect, within. I mean it...connect first within. You will find through your soul within...your god-self. From there you will go up and out to the protection of your oversoul, or Higher Self. There's protection. Always ask for it. Ask and ye shall receive. I did. Then after asking...just listen. Watch and Listen...for you will hear the secret. Watch your everyday world. Listen to your everyday sounds. See with higher eyes, hear with your inner ears. Answers will abound, but you first have to ask. Seek the Light, and it will know you.


Okay...all right...get ON with it! Let's get to the good stuff.

From that point on, picking up that bio by Coleman...my life changed. I had asked for it, and like the old Japanese car ad said, I got it! I suppose the way to say it is that I walked into my soul's destiny. First, I asked. Then it came. Then I consciously walked into and onto the ride of this lifetime. No...better yet, the ride FOR this lifetime.


I'll fast track through the rest, and leave you contemplating this for a week. Oh...by the way...this may sound like it's all from me, but it's not. I have to admit that I was worried after hearing from this publication's editor. OH MY GOD, what if it's not real? What if John Lennon really is a pigment of my over illustrious IMAGINE-ation! Eeeek! As I sat in quiet and solitude, words flowed. I have no real clue what I have written for my mind left me, and no...that does not mean I am out of my mind wacky. I put my own mind...what some may call my conscious self, aside and I wrote what flowed through. And that's the greatest commitment I can offer you.


John Lennon, the man...the musician...the pacifist...the very human, not perfect being...and now the shiny soul. I will offer you honest and sincere words that may just be your own soul's wisdom. For that is the purpose, to bring forth the WISDOM of John Lennon, which is Universal and shared common. This effort, for like who the hell am I to be gutsy enough to coauthor with the great Johnnie Boy, is a joint one. I hoped and I prayed to let "me" move aside enough to bring John through, but I'll clarify here and now, in front of all to witness...I don't HEAR him like you would think.


You know, hearing voices like those poor mentally ill patients who are haunted by ravings from God knows who and where. No, I hear through my soul. For it is at the soul where John Lennon and I join. Soul selves. Different pieces of the same part. I hear from the very center of myself, up into my thoughts. I mean it took me years to fine tune and differentiate what was not me, and what is John. (Difficult to explain, but those who know will understand. It's like soul telepathy or something.) This whole process of REMEMBERING WHO I AM AND WHY I AM HERE has not been all downhill and just a given. Back to a common premise: To know who you ARE, you must find first who you are NOT. That was my life...experiencing the whole spectrum to come to this point where I bring forth a joint effort with John Lennon.


I will emphasize one thing as first and foremost...John Lennon as a soul is not here to be who he WAS before. He has not hooked back up with me, a piece of the same soul part, to live again only vicariously. No. No way. John Lennon--I have found, for I have been shared a wealth of higher knowledge which I am now duty bound to bring forth to those who seek it--is doing something pretty cool and unheard of from the other side. He is working with and through those of his own past lives. I will share in coming weeks my own experiences of such with him--some not so nice or airy-fairy or good.


The full spectrum of soul experience. John Lennon has come forth through me now, through others like Linda Keen in Across the Universe with John Lennon in recent years. John has reconnected with others, for other reasons. Some to clean up karmic pasts. Some to just share the connection and past life moment. Some to bring forth accounts which are awakenings and settlings. To each his or her own, for in working with and through human beings from the other side is something not so special. Working with and through human beings CONSCIOUSLY from the other side is spectacular. When John Lennon and I found each other again in January, 1996...I was amazed, as I said. I was honored, in awe, comfortable and whole again. But, what I never realized until just recently made aware by John, is that he was nervous that I wouldn't accept or hear or feel.


It brought him equal joy that I could experience him. That's nice! Makes working together (for we have had to clean up and heal lots of mucky murk from previous lifetimes to come to this point in time) a sheer joy. For this Task o' Mine is work. My life's true work. My pathway. The end of my quest. Fruition brought tangible. Ah...life IS good. What a wonderful birthday present the Universe has given to me. I am thankful. Every day in every way. To our white light buddies who have helped from that side and every experience I have had on this side, I stand in awe of how it has all come forth to be this moment in time.


So I can assure and promise you that I will bring forth that which I am prompted to and guided to do...for all of our sakes. Not his. Not mine. Ours.

Back to quote, and until next week...

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."
I am the Walrus, The Beatles / Lennon, 1967

Adios Muchachos! Hasta Luego!
Lynn Cousino Saldanha
Toronto, Canada


Beatles Ireland thanks Lynn for letting us reprint the Lennontask.


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