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The Walrus And The Circle Of Death

by Dan Alice
Copyright © 2001, Undivide. All rights reserved.

Dan Alice


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Dan Alice


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The image of 'The Walrus' is a Scandinavian death symbol made famous by John Lennon's references to it in several songs written between l967 and l970.


What has made Lennon's interpretations so mysterious and confusing is this, he originally referred to himself as 'The Walrus' in the l967 composition "I Am The Walrus".


But in another song released in l968 entitled "Glass Onion" he specifically said: "I told you 'bout the walrus and me, man. Don't you know that we're as close as can be man. Well here's another clue for you all. The walrus was Paul."


People have always interpreted these words to imply that Paul, the bass player of The Beatles, was the walrus.


But the statement "the walrus was Paul" could also have meant that someone else who had also been the bass player of The Beatles was THE WALRUS!


Did you know that there were originally five Beatles, not four...

The fifth and often forgotten Beatle was named Stuart Sutcliffe...

He was the original bass player of the Beatles.

Paul (who originally played guitar) only became the next bass player after Stu left the band in l960.


Did you know it was Stu Sutcliffe (along with his girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr) who came up with both the name 'The Beatles' and the unique hair style which would be the trademark of their revolutionary image.


The founding member of The Beatles (John Lennon) and Stu Sutcliffe were close... very close... best friends as a matter of fact...


So if I told you that Stu once convinced John that he had the unique ability to see into the future...

Wouldn't you find that strange...

Since John Lennon and Stu Sutcliffe would both meet with a tragic, pre-mature death...


Did Stu know? Did Stu tell John? (Or were there reasons why he would not want to warn him).


If I told you, that despite strong opposition from John, Stu chose to leave the Beatles on DECEMBER 9, l960 and never saw John again...


Wouldn't you also find that very strange, since exactly 20 years later the headlines in almost every newspaper in the world on the very same date of DECEMBER 9, l980 would read:


Consider this...

Shortly after leaving the band, Stu would mysteriously die on April 10, l962.

Years later the very person who had taken his place as the bass player of the Beatles, Paul McCartney, would also be rumored to be 'a dead man'.


People would accuse John Lennon of starting this hoaxand perpetrating the mystery by placing subtle clues and messages throughout his songs and all over The Beatles album covers...


Shortly after the energy of this entire death scandal surrounding Paul had subsided, Paul would ironically announce that he was leaving The Beatles!

A P R I L   1 0 , l 9 7 0 !


The Walrus and the Circle of Death

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The Walrus and the Circle of Death

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