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Beatles News Archives

2001 Page 1

Paul on Charlie Rose - A Full Report

Here is a report of Paul on the Charlie Rose Show by Frank Branchini.
On stage there was a podium with the logo of the 92nd Street Y, a coffee table with chairs on either side. Hanging over the stage was 92 St Y banner.

Before the lights dimmed an attractive blonde came out from behind the stage and sat in the audience creating quite a stir. I assume it must have been Heather, but I couldn't tell from where we were. The director of adult education programs at the Y laid down the ground rules (turn off cell phones and pagers, no taking of photos) and introduced Charlie Rose who introduced Paul McCartney.

People snapped photos throughout the evening with the staff of the Y being pretty aggressive about trying to stop them. McCartney began by spending about thirty minutes reading poetry. He introduced each poem with a story about what prompted him to compose it. He was very charming, and very focused. What he said was often very moving.

There were poems about Ivan Vaughan, John Lennon, and Linda. I immediately had a sense that we were privileged to be a part of an extremely special event. This is only the second time that Paul McCartney has read poetry in public.

And we were there. And it was happening in New York City, which was a very special place to both John Lennon, and Linda McCartney, as Paul reminded us. Paul related that he and Ivan Vaughan were mates because they shared the same birthday.

It was Vaughan that introduced Paul to John Lennon. Paul wanted to write a poem in memory of Vaughan, who died of Parkinson's Disease, because Vaughan had studied the classics at Cambridge and Paul said he felt that writing poetry in his memory seemed fitting.

Paul read a very moving poem about seeing signs of Linda's presence after her death: wind chimes moving when there wasn't a wind, and an unusual white squirrel that fixed her gaze on Paul when he was out riding a horse. He read another very moving poem written when Linda was in hospital in London. Paul set up a camp bed in her room.

Every day he would run in Regents Park and he used his running as a ritual form of prayer. He read a poem about growing up in Liverpool recalling a 'nutter' on the top deck of a double deck bus who was reciting the names of comedians to himself and laughing. He also remembered a one-eyed dog named Prince. Paul read a poem called 'Jerk Of All Jerks' about the asshole who killed John Lennon.

It also had some lines zinging those who would dispose of nuclear waste in the environment. He read 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer', 'Here Today', and 'Why Don't We Do It In The Road' inviting audience participation on the last. Charlie Rose stumbled a bit during the interview. Most of the questions were standard stuff.

At one point he asked Paul about meeting Paul. Paul responded that he was Paul. At another point he referred to the Quarrymen as the 'Everymen' and was gently corrected by Paul. I was appalled when Rose asked Paul where the title 'Blackbird Singing' came from as if he had never heard the song. Paul did say one totally amazing thing.

He was telling Rose about how we wanted to enjoy himself and related a story about taking Stella to visit the Maharishi. He actually said that the Maharishi was genuine and was not some one who was just interested in making money and chasing women. He said that Stella had brought a video camera along and wanted Paul to ask the Maharishi if she could videotape him.

He was expecting to have a short visit with the Maharishi but they wound up talking for hours. As they were about to leave, Stella reminded her father about the video camera. So they introduced the Maharishi and asked him to say something on camera. His advice was 'Enjoy.' One pretty unintelligent question that Rose asked was where Paul got his love of family. Paul said that he has a large family who treats him just as 'our Paul' and would never refer to him as 'Sir Paul'.

It was lovely. Rose asked Paul to name the favorite song Paul had written. Paul quickly said it wasn't 'Yesterday'. He said that his songs were like babies and it wasn't fair to pick a favorite, but he did mention 'Here, There, and Everywhere'. (Great choice!!!!) He said he liked the way the song doubles back on itself. He talked about 'Cheek To Cheek' which also doubles back on itself and he sang a bit of it to illustrate his point. He said he had once considered making a record of songs like 'Cheek To Cheek'.

Wingspan Latest

Wingspan will be shown on Channel Four in the UK on May 12th. A new official Wingspan website has opened at http://hollywoodandvine.com/paulmccartney.

Very soon a new official Paul McCartney website will open at http://www.paulmccartney.com

George Denies He's Selling Friar Park

George Harrison has denied reports that he was going to sell Friar Park after almost being killed there by a knife-wielding intruder in late 1999. The Mail on Sunday said earlier this month the legendary guitarist had told friends he felt uncomfortable in the 120-room house in Henley-on-Thames, outside London.

"A story carried recently in an English Sunday newspaper reporting that George Harrison was planning to sell Friar Park in Henley is without foundation and entirely untrue," Harrison's lawyers said in a statement. "Mr. Harrison has no such plans," Eversheds said.

Paul McCartney Heads list of Richest Pop Stars

Sir Paul McCartney saw his bank balance swell by £163 million last year, cementing his status as the richest musician in Britain, according to The Sunday Times Rich List 2001.

The annual league table of the nation's wealthiest people, published this weekend, estimates the former Beatle has a personal fortune of £713 million, up from £550 million in 2000.

His wealth was boosted last year by the £138 million he inherited from his wife Linda, who died in April 1998.

And he also earned millions from the huge sales of The Beatles' 1 album, which had sold more than 12 million copies by the end of the last year.

Sir Paul's wealth puts him 36th in the overall list of Britain's richest 1,000 people, up from 41st in 2000.
In the same list George came in equal 12th with £90 and poor Ringo only 16th with £70

Abbey Road Crossing Featured on Official Beatles Site

Video of fans on the Abbey Road crossing is now featured on the official Beatles Website http://www.thebeatles.com

The video camera is turned on at 1pm Abbey Road time every day and runs for one minute. The footage is then shown the next day - on the Yesterday section of the website.

Star's Beatles Collection to be Auctioned

A 'world famous' pop star is to sell off a large collection of pop memorabilia, which includes the plans to the studio built for the recording of John Lennon's Imagine.

Rumours were rife that the seller could be Sir Paul McCartney, as many of the other items in the 1,200-strong collection to go under the hammer at a Kent auction house have Beatles' connections, but that has been categorically denied. Raj Bisram, co-director of Cranbrook Auction Rooms, said he had been 'sworn to secrecy' by his famous client but said that he was in the music industry and lived in Sussex.

A total of 75 items are to be sold in the first auction, with others to follow throughout the year, including an original John Lennon guitar and airline tickets from the Fab Four's last tour. The plans for Tittenhurst Hall, in Ascot, where the Imagine album was recorded, are expected to fetch between £15,000 and £20,000 in he first sale on May 5. The recording studio has since been removed from the hall. Another rare item is a signed Christmas card from Brian Epstein.

Paul and Heather Meet Colin Powell

Paul McCartney pushed for the worldwide eradication of land mines during a meeting with Secretary of State Colin Powell, but evidently made no headway on a ban. The United States, which has declined to sign a 139-country treaty outlawing land mines, has a stockpile of the weapons estimated at 11 million.

"We still have some concerns about the convention." Powell said. But, he added, "There are many areas in which we can cooperate." Paul was in Washington with his girlfriend, Heather Mills, who spearheads a charity campaign that provides limbs for victims of wars around the globe. "We had a really good meeting.

General Powell was very helpful," Paul said outside the State Department after the morning meeting. Powell `expressed his support for Adopt-A-Minefield, which is hoping to clear all the mines in the world and to allow people to go back to their fields and their towns and get on with life,' McCartney said. Paul said the meeting with Powell was the start of a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the horrors of land mines and to urge people to push their governments to support a ban.

Paul arrived early for the 9 a.m. scheduled meeting and created a stir at the State Department. A group of women screamed as he walked by. Paul posed for photos and signed autographs for agency employees.

Ringo Tour Dates Announced

The first dates of Ringo's tour of the States has been announced. They are as follows:

26/7/01 Casino Rama Rama, Ontario
28/7/01 Freedom Hill Sterling Heights, MI
1/8/01 Jones Beach Long Island, NY
2/8/01 Mohegan Sun Ucasville, CT
3/8/01 Today Show NYC
4/8/01 Fleet Boston Pavillion Boston, MA
5/8/01 Riley Park Manchester, VA
7/8/01 Meadowbrook Park Amphitheater Gilford, NH
9/8/01 P.N.C. Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ
10/8/01 Taj Mahal Atlantic City, NJ
11/8/01 Harbor Center Portsmouth, VA
13/8/01 Chastain Park Atlanta, GA
14/8/01 Broward Park Arts Center Fort Laurdeldale, FL
15/8/01 USF Sundome Tampa, FL
16/8/01 Horseshoe Casino Biloxi, MS
18/8/01 Billy Bobs Fort Worth, Tx
22/8/01 Rosemont Theater Chicago, IL
23/8/01 Minnesota State Fare Minneapolis, MN
25/8/01 Fiddler's Green Denver, CO
27/8/01 Tue 8/28/01 Chateau Saint Michelle Seattle, WA
30/8/01 Universal Amphitheater Los Angeles, CA
31/8/01 San Franrisco or Albuquerque 
1/9/01 Rio Hotel Las Vegas, NV
2/9/01 San Diego or Phoenix

Paul McCartney Chews Celery on New Record

The new album by the Super Furry Animals Paul McCartney chewing on a piece of celery in rhythm to the song 'Receptacle For The Respectable'.

The comical collaboration mirrors McCartney's contribution to the legendary - and ultimately aborted - 'Smile' album by the Beach Boys in 1967. He can be heard on the track 'Vegetables', chomping carrots. Paul also worked with the Furry's on the Liverpool Sound Collage.

Linda McCartney Tribute Album Progressing

According the Sun newspaper, the tribute album to Linda, which we reported months ago, is progressing well. The Sun says the projected lineup could include Madonna, Britney Spears, Queen, The Corrs, Lenny Kravitz, Art Garfunkel, members of Wings and The Eagles, plus Zak Starkey and Julian Lennon.

The producers are also trying to get Paul, Ringo and George to play on it as well. The double CD will be a benefit project for the charity Women And Cancer. Spokesman Darrol Edwards, said, "We felt it would be a fitting tribute to Linda. "The response from the big stars has been amazing.

About 12 tracks are in the bag ... Madonna is still making up her mind over which song to cover while The Corrs are recording 'The Long And Winding Road.' Members of Queen are expected to perform Paul's 'Souvenir' And a children's choir from the Peasmarsh Primary, in East Sussex, the McCartneys' local school have recorded And I Love Her.

As we reported earlier recording sessions have been taking place at Abbey Road and George Martin's AIR Studios. A TV special is also possible.

More On British Beatles Musical

More news has emerged about "All You Need Is Love" the musical that opens at the Queen's Theatre in London on 29 May 2001, following previews from 21 May. The theme for the new show is love in all its guises.

Over two hours, a man and a woman, one-time lovers, set off on a magical mystery tour of yesterday. The portrait of the couple's love affair is set against more than 50 Beatles' hits, which bring back youthful hopes and forgotten passions. With a little help from their friends, the couple recapture their treasured moments of a time when all they needed was love and their troubles seemed so far away.

All You Need Is Love is co-devised and co-directed by Jon Miller and Pete Brooks. Miller was the assistant to Beatles' producer George Martin during the late 1960s and early 1970s and has himself produced over 30 albums. He also co-wrote Only the Lonely - the Roy Orbison Story.

Brooks is an award-winning writer, director and designer who has mounted over 40 shows. The show, which features a largely unknown cast of 12 young performers, is designed by Laura Hopkins and choreographed by Kate Prince. It features musical direction by Chris Brooker, musical arrangements by Keith Strachan and musical staging by Nigel Charnock.

Paul McCartney Has Busy Day in Liverpool

Paul McCartney had a busy day in Liverpool on March 21st. In the afternoon he did a signing session for his poetry book Blackbird Singing. Around 1000 people turned up at the branch of WH Smith.

As with other recent Macca signings people queued up all night. In the evening Paul gave an unscheduled appearance at a poetry reading at the Everyman Theatre along with Willy Russell, Tom Pickard and Adrian Mitchell, who edited Blackbird Singing.

Paul and Heather 'to Marry in June'

In an interview with the Sunday Express newspaper, Heather Mills' father, Mark, has claimed that Heather will marry Paul McCartney in June. He said the most likely venue is St Peter and St Paul's Church in Peasmarsh.

These details are identical to those published in another Sunday tabloid, the People, some weeks ago. However Paul's spokesman Geoff Baker is still insisting there is no wedding plans.

A Hard Day's Night Premiered in Liverpool

The UK Charity Premiere of the restored A Hard Day's Night took place at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool on April 9th. Proceeds for the event went to the Linda McCartney Cancer Centre. A Hard Day's Night went on general release on Friday 13th April.

George To Sell Friar Park

It has been reported by the British 'Mail on Sunday' newspaper that George is to sell Friar Park. They say that George has been uncomfortable in the house since the attack on him in December 1999. The paper quote a 'friend' of George saying `George is quite paranoid at the moment.

It is a difficult thing to forget and the memory of that night is stuck in his head.' Please note however there has been no conformation of this from George or the Apple press office.

Song "Imagine" as a theme song for a Brazilian soap opera

After some negotiations between the most famous Brazilian TV channel called TV GLOBO and Yoko Ono, Yoko finally agreed to allow the use of John’s song "Imagine" to be used as the opening theme song of a Brazilian soap opera that began last month in Brazil.

The song is sung in English by the Brazilian singer PAULO RICARDO, as the opening theme song when the credits are rolling down in the beginning of every chapter. Besides, the very first scene of the first episode of this soap opera, titled ESTRELA GUIA (which means GUIDING STAR) was a scene from John’s video clip for "Imagine", showing John singing and playing on his piano.

I believe that this has been the first time that one of John’s song is included in a soap opera, also including a scene from his "Imagine" video clip. This soap opera is about a group of hippies who live in a secluded place in the center-western region of Brazil.

Paul McCartney Day in Liverpool

16TH JUNE 2001............
The annual Paul McCartney day in Liverpool will be better than ever this year - the highlight being - for the first time ever - a party at new Clubmoor Hall - the place where Macca made his debut as a Quarryman back in October 1957.

For details go to www.liveapool.com on the day in the life page....
Contact Jackie at live@pool tours for more information.

New Beatles Song Found

Tapes of The Beatles rehearsing some of their greatest hits have been found in a drawer by a 64-year-old woman. The three-hour long recordings contain 30 tracks, including 'Let It Be', 'Sgt. Pepper' and an unknown song called 'Watching Rainbows'.

It is not known where or when they were recorded. Radio One disc jockey John Peel has described the cassette tapes as "an exciting and almost dangerous find". He added: "There is a version on one of the tapes which is just superb. It gave me a tingle down the spine. I feel very privileged that I was able to enjoy listening to them".

The tapes were given to Mrs. Elaine Bowden of Bury Street, Suffolk, by a French friend of her sister. She put them in a drawer and only thought of them after he died.

The Beatles New Record

Some 31 years after they split up, The Beatles have now set a new world record for their greatest hits album '1'. Amazingly, the multi-million selling CD has now topped the charts in more countries than any other album.

In total, the album has now hit the top spot in 34 countries beating the record of U2's 1997 album 'Pop', which made it to No1 in 32 different countries.

Paul McCartney Begins Work On New Album

With The Beatles riding a wave of renewed popularity, Paul McCartney has begun work on a new album of original material.

The record, which does not yet have a title or projected release date, will follow up the Grammy-nominated Liverpool Sound Collage, Paul's experimental collaboration with the Welsh group Super Furry Animals, among others.

According to his spokesperson, Paul will work in a yet-to-be-determined capacity with David Kahne — who has worked on Sugar Ray's 14:59, Sublime's self-titled album and records by the Bangles and Fishbone — on the new album. Also involved in the project is Geoff Emerick, who engineered many Beatles albums. Neither accompanying musicians nor a studio location has been announced.

If Paul does not complete his record this year, he will still be part of what will likely be one of the biggest success stories of 2001: The Beatles 1, a compilation of all the Fab Four's U.S. and U.K. hits, has sold about 20 million copies, and dominated the top spot on the Billboard 200 for seven straight weeks.

Liverpool Sound Collage will compete in the Best Alternative Music Album category at the Grammy's, set for February 21 in Los Angeles.

Marriage Rumour Denied by Paul

Paul McCartney has stated to a reporter from the Daily Mirror he is NOT getting married. He added, 'I'm not getting married in the same church as Mary. I'm NOT going to the Mull of Kintyre or Jamaica for my honeymoon'.

Liverpool Beatleweek 2001 Details Announced

Details have been announced of the 2001 Liverpool Beatles Week. On Thursday 23rd August in the evening there will be a special Beatleweek Gala at the Liverpool Town Hall in the city centre. This is where the Fabs had their civic reception in 1964 before the Premiere of A Hard Day's Night.

Friday 24th sees an afternoon concert featuring the solo work of Lennon and McCartney featuring John Keats and Bob Bartey. In the evening is a Beatles Years concert featuring the Overtures.

Saturday 25th in the morning is the annual auction followed by a concert in Chavasse Park re-creating The Rolling Stones Rock n Roll Circus, featuring The Counterfeit Stones and Gary Gibson. This could be one of the highlights of the weekend. The evening sees a concert by The Beats from Argentina, The Fab Four from Australia, Revolution from LA Hard Nights Day from Texas and the Snails from Moldova. Each group will play a set from different stages of The Beatles career.

As usual the Convention takes place on Sunday 26th. Confirmed guests so far include Pete Best, Klaus Voorman and Mike Smith of Decca, the man who turned down the Beatles.

On Monday 27th is the Mathew Street Festival with a concert by the Fab Fauxin the evening.

Tuesday 28th sees a welcome return to Liverpool by 1964 - The Tribute.

For more information go to the Beatleweek Website at http://www.cavern-liverpool.co.uk

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