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Beatles Ireland Notice Board

If you have a notice (to do with the Beatles please) and would like to put it on this notice board please e-mail us

Note: We have tried to make sure that the notices below are correct; we cannot be responsible for their content or availability. We are providing the notices only for your convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Beatles Ireland of these sites. We advise you to visit each Web site's Usage Policy since all content retain their original copyrights.


Noticeboard Archives 2002

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News from Liverpool

Hi everyone,

Its been a busy time for Beatle fans..congratulations to the lucky ones who managed to buy tickets for the George Harrison Tribute concert at the Royal Albert Hall...those of us (Yeah, me included) who didn't, can sit & listen to 'Brainwashed' - including the beautiful, but painful 'Stuck Inside a cloud'. Lyrics & snippets of the songs can be found at www.georgeharrison.com

If you cant go to the RAH, then the Beatles Story in Liverpool is the place to be... On Friday 29th November 2002 (10.00am-5.00pm), to mark the first anniversary of George's passing The Beatles Story is opening its doors, free of charge, for all those whom wish to remember George on this day. In the replica Cavern of the exhibition will be a display of over 2,000 tributes dedicated to the memory of George.....there will be events taking place throughout the day, so keep checking the website at www.beatlesstory.com for updates.

Thanks also for keeping me updated on the Paul concerts over in the USA - I'm very jealous, they sound amazing...lets hope he ends the tour like he did last time - with a show here in LIVERPOOL - Maybe that would be the clincher for Liverpool's bid to become European City Of Culture for the year 2008..we received the news this week that we're on the shortlist..so fingers crossed..see http://www.liverpoolculture.com

Many of you know that I recently spent time at the Festival Beatles Brazil in Sao Paulo..and had a wonderful time - thanks to Revolution Fan Club and all the new friends I made there - see www.revolution9.com.br for an embarrassing picture!

John Lennon Day was a great success, and as usual, Jean Catharell at Liverpool Beatlescene has written a great review with wonderful pics of the event. Our next big event is a new one ..our Christmas Party on Sunday 8th December, a poignant anniversary for Beatle Fans, but as well as marking the 22nd anniversary of losing John, we'll celebrate rather than dwell on the sadness..latest details at the end of this message...

To finish, if you would rather not receive the latest news from live@pool, or receive this e-mail twice then please drop me a line on live@pooltours.com with the details of the address you would like me to remove from our new updated mailing list.

With love from me to you




Charlie Lennon's Book

I'm working on a book about a close friend, John's uncle Charlie Lennon, who was well known to Beatle fans in Liverpool over the past 20 years. Charlie died in May at the age of 84. During the 1990s Charlie and I performed together on Radio Merseyside and at dozens of music venues around Merseyside. In August, on the day before the Mathew Street Music Festival, we scattered his ashes into the River Mersey from the stern of a Mersey Ferry.

Part One of my book will be Charlie's story in his own words, in the form of a long narrative I've compiled from hours of one-on-one interviews I videotaped with him over the years. Part Two will be my memoir of my 13-year friendship with Charlie and our adventures together in Liverpool and Boston. Part Three will consist of a series of tributes and recollections of Charlie from his friends, fans and loved ones. The book will also contain more than 250 photos, including a few never-before-published photos that are sure to surprise and please Lennon friends and fans of every stripe.

If you had the good fortune to meet Uncle Charlie on one of your visits to Liverpool over the past 20 years, I would sincerely appreciate your contributing your memories to Charlie's book. You can submit as long or as short a piece as you like. Please let me know also if you have any photos of Charlie that you would like to see reproduced in the book.

Please contact me at scottwheelerband@aol.com. You can read about Charlie on my website: members.aol.com/scottwheelerband. Many thanks!



Hi everybody!

A quick update....

Doctor Lev's next stop on the "Billy Shears World Book Tour" will be BEATLEFEST in Boston this next weekend (November 1-3)!
Details of the show are available at: http://www.beatlefest.com/this_show.shtml
You can also log on and hear some of the proceedings at:

The next stop will be in Pasadena, December 7-8 for the LIVERPOOL DAYS
Details of that show can be found at:
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Doctor Lev has finished and will be releasing the first two songs he wrote
for the SOUNDTRACK of the SCREENPLAY of "Billy Shears: The Secret History of
the Beatles"........HOORAY!
The first is entitled 'A Lonely Heart' and is the song that Billy Campbell
was working on before he replaced Paul McCartney.
And the second is 'Bell Bottom Girl' which has become the most requested
song that Doctor Lev has written and performs 'live'.
The new SINGLE/CD will be available beginning at the LIVERPOOL DAYS
convention in December!
And..........Doctor Lev will be performing these songs and several others on
stage both days (Dec 7th and 8th).
So....for those of you living in the LA area, please come out and join
Doctor Lev's 'RELEASE PARTY'!

For more details of the book, the soundtrack, and the Doctor, please log on
to the website at: www.Paul-Is-Dead.com
For Doctor Lev's appearance schedule click on the 'schedule' page of the
Paul-Is-Dead website at: http://www.paul-is-dead.com/schedule.htm




Emporium offering

Cooper Owen are delighted to launch their new Emporium offering fixed price,
authenticated rock'n' roll and film memorabilia. Our online shop offers a
unique opportunity to buy now a wide range of products from limited edition
unpublished photographs, rock art and the famous Orange Crush amp range as
used by Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, Oasis and Travis.

We are launching the Emporium offering exclusive, strictly limited edition
replica pairs of John Lennon's 1971-73 glasses reproduced to the highest
specifications by the company who originally made Lennon's own (limited
edition 500).

We will be updating our inventory with cool and hard to find items on a
regular basis so keep an eye on the Emporium at www.cooperowen.com.




Beatles Auction

Pre-order a lavishly coloured printed catalogue now for Cooper Owen's 19th November 2002 Beatles Auction.

The catalogues cost £10 (UK) and £20 (elsewhere).

All the items in the auction are available to view online now at http://www.cooperowen.com where commission bids can be placed.

Included in the auction are:

- The final two undiscovered 'Denmark' tapes recorded by John and Yoko, 1970.
- A mosaic from the swimming pool at the home John shared with first wife Cynthia.
- A page from one of John's note books with his handwritten lyrics for the song 'Steel & Glass'.
- One of the MAGICAL signs from the side of the Magical Mystery tour bus.
- A rare early Star Club postcard autographed by the band.

Further information about the auction to follow shortly…




The Holland-Hamburg connection

Hello Beatlesfans all over the world

Hereby we would like to let you know that, for the first time, in cooperation with the well-known Dutch ‘Beatles Unlimited’ fanclub, led by René van Haarlem, there will be a really unique opportunity to discover the Beatles’ footsteps through The Netherlands and in Hamburg, Germany in ‘a new Magical Mystery Tour’.

We organize a well covered 4-day trip to all Beatles landmarks in Holland and Hamburg, called “The Holland-Hamburg connection” and will start in March 2003.

Our website www.beatlesroutes.com (for information and bookings) will be available from November 1st.
Any questions before that date? Email to g.kok4@chello.nl
Hopefully we meet next year.
Guus Kok,
(Beatlesfan since February 1964).



Monthly Meeting

The most frequently asked question that all members of the Beatles Ireland committee gets is 'what do you do at the meetings?' And I can understand why the question is asked, the truth is, we don’t have a hard and fast agenda, the meetings are pretty casual, with music being the main focus. Members enjoy chatting with other like minded music fans, and it isn’t always Beatle music that is chatted about! And a drink or 2 (!) is usually involved, we have members of all ages and the night ALWAYS ends with some of our very talented musicians such as Paul, Stephen, Joey and Barry, to name just a few, playing their hearts out for all the lucky Blooms Hotel punters and indeed we have had some famous faces sit in with us from time to time, including the Classic Beatles, Shane McGowan to name-drop just a couple, and as The Fabs would say, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.
The monthly meeting are held on the last Wednesday of the month at Blooms Hotel, please come along and support the club, there will be memorabilia and the latest edition of the Club Newsletter.

Meanwhile, we are looking for new blood, and especially any new members that would like to become involved at committee level, to help us to organise events such as the annual Magical Mystery Tour. Come along on the last Wednesday of the month and check us out, and leave the anorak at home!!

The meetings are held in Blooms Hotel, Temple Bar, Dublin.
So come along and have a great night and the craic will be good.

Pat Moore.




Liverpool News

Hi Everybody,

Well where do I start??? There’s such a lot to tell you about Beatle happenings in Liverpool recently, so I'll try to be as concise as I can....

Paul cant keep away from the place - he was here to open up his painting exhibition 'The Art of Paul McCartney’ at the Walker in May, then again to show The Queen his work just last week, and again for the LIPA graduation. On all occasions, lucky people who booked tours those days were treated to a 'thumbs-up' from him. If anyone important is around, we always do our best to make sure the tour coincides with part of their itinerary - that's the beauty of private tailor made taxi tours!!

No to be outdone by Paul, Yoko has graced our shores pretty often too - she has been here three times this year, mainly to visit the newly opened LIVERPOOL JOHN LENNON AIRPORT, but she also stopped by at 251 Menlove Avenue & bought the place!! She has now donated John’s former home to the National Trust, and from April next year it will be open to the public. As many of you know, Live@pool tours have a special relationship with the National Trust, we are the ONLY tour operator who can include a visit to 20 Forthlin Road in our itinerary, and we hope the same will be true for 251 Menlove Avenue...watch this space!!

Our own events this year have been particularly successful....

We celebrated Paul's birthday with our all day event, but as usual, tried to make it just that bit different & special... Our group are now to be featured in the Guinness Book of Records.... Alongside The Quarrymen, we all became part of the Worlds Biggest Skiffle Band - what a way to start the day..... The tour featured a cup of tea for everyone at Paul’s first ever home, lunch (and a great singalong) in Woolton Village and to round of the day a GREAT party at The Casbah where we were entertained by Pat & Richie from the Beatle Pilgrimage Band, and The Prellies - a FAB tribute band specialising in Hamburg Rock & Roll. As if this wasn’t good enough...guess who turned up at the party??? Only PETE BEST!!!

We also launched our first ever Ringo Day, which we combined with the St Peters Summer Fete...and what a day!! Go to www.liveapool.com & follow the links from the home page to see our 'special guest'. Ringo Day PLUS the Day John Met Paul is now a regular fixture in our Liverpool Calendar of Beatle Events - so why not try to join us next year?? You'll love it!

Now to forthcoming events:

BEATLEWEEK of course is coming up soon - for full details go to www.cavern-liverpool.co.uk - and of you haven’t already booked your private tours, then I suggest you get in quick to avoid disappointment.

FESTIVAL BEATLES BRAZIL 2002 will take place in Sao Paulo at the end of September - and guess who's going as a judge for the battle of the Beatle bands????? ME!! Courtesy of KLM & Revolution Fan Club - I can’t wait.  The winning band will come back to Liverpool and play for John Lennon's birthday at The Cavern & The Jacaranda.

JOHN LENNON DAY will happen on Saturday 12th October, featuring a tour of Lennon's Liverpool, including a look inside the newly refurbished St. Peters Church Hall, trip to John Lennon Airport to see he incredible statue, and a visit to The Beatles Story Exhibition where an amazing display has just been created around the orange coloured spectacles John wore during the Imagine Days. We will be entertained by our Brazilian Band Winners - the standard there is incredibly high, so be prepared to be amazed... Booking details are on the site at www.liveapool.com.

Now to something completely new.......

THE BEATLE CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! 2002 sees the launch of our Beatle Christmas Celebration Day. We have some really special plans for this, which include a Liverpool Beatle Tour of course - but this time concentrating on all four Beatles. Special Tributes are planned to John & George, as the winter timing coincides with sad anniversaries for both of them. Overseas visitors will be treated to a traditional British Christmas - with mince pies & mulled wine at St. Peters Church, Christmas Dinner, and a wild party to top it all off. We'll even be visited by Santa with gifts for all..... I wont give too much away, but those of you who have attended our 'Beatle Days' before know that we try to make these events very special - more information is at www.liveapool.com

NEW MERCHANDISE Speaking of Christmas (yes - I know its only August!!) take a look at the new merchandise on offer on our site. Liverpool visitors will know that the City Symbol is the Liver Bird - you see them everywhere, but now you can purchase your very own!! See www.liveapool.com/liverbirds.html and we also have some new John Lennon Plaques by local award winning sculptor Rick Myers. Both are beautifully crafted & hand finished in bronze resin. The plaques can be seen at http://www.liveapool.com/page14.html.

So for now, that's all from Liverpool - sorry if I've rambled on & on, I wont leave it so long next time!

With love from Liverpool to you........




Fab footsteps

From one Beatles fan to another, I’m glad to announce it's finally arrived the first video tour of Beatles Liverpool.

3 out of every 10 Beatles fans will never be able to go to the hallowed ground that is Beatles Liverpool, so RSD Media have brought it to them.

Fab footsteps will take you on a magical mystery tour around the sights and sounds of the city that inspired the greatest Rock n Roll band ever, THE BEATLES.

Not only will Fab Footsteps take you to where the fabs lived, played and drank, it will also tell you the whole story behind the forming of the band and some of the inherent myths that have sprung up over the years.

Available to buy on VHS from 9th October 2002. To reserve your copy or for more information E mail fabfootsteps@ntlworld.com.




Beatles Items up for Auction

I thought you might be interested in hearing about our latest auction. We will be holding a Vintage Instruments and Music auction on the 1st June 2002 which contains many Beatles-related items.

Specific highlights include, George Harrison's hand written lyric for 'Gone Troppo', a George Harrison drawing of a rock 'n' roll band, Four contact sheets of photographs by David Nutter featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono being interviewed, 9 May 1969 and John Lennon/Yoko Ono, 1969 Montreal Bed-In unpublished colour photographs.

Commission bids can be placed online now at http://www.cooperowen.com and the auction will culminate with a live event at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas on the 1st June 2002 at 20:30 PDT.

Thank you for your time, and if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to let me know.
Kind regards,
Kaz Simmons
Catalogue Assistant



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