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Beatles Ireland Notice Board


If you have a notice (to do with the Beatles please) and would like to put it on this notice board please e-mail us


Note: We have tried to make sure that the notices below are correct; we cannot be responsible for their content or availability. We are providing the notices only for your convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Beatles Ireland of these sites. We advise you to visit each Web site's Usage Policy since all content retain their original copyrights.


Noticeboard Archives 2002

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Casbah Coffee Club - Birthplace Of The Beatles

Dear Beatles Fanzine

Here is some great news you may like.

We have recently received permission from the Liverpool City Council to open the Casbah Coffee Club - Birthplace Of The Beatles as a tourist attraction. We intend to have the Casbah open for June 2002. Closer to the time we will notify you of the exact date plus some illustrations for you fanzine in our next news letter.

I have completed writing my book with the assistance of brothers Rory and Pete Best. The book is called "Mrs Best and the Casbah Coffee Club". The book is due for international release on the 29th of August 2002 through Spine Publications.

There will be a launch party for the opening of the Casbah Coffee Club in June 2002. Readers can request tickets via our e-mail Casbahl@supanet.com

Those involved with your fanzine our welcome to attend. Please notify us closer to the time how many tickets you will need.

There will also be a VIP launch party for the release of "Mrs Best and the Casbah Coffee Club" held at the Casbah Coffee Club on the 29th of August 2002. Again we will notify you if tickets for the event are available.
Please note, if you have a e-mail address would you please let us know. It will make future correspondence far easier.

Thank you
All the BEST
Roag Best




Beatles rare CD's Selection

Beatles and solo Beatles demos, unreleased songs! Nice selection! rare cds! Take a look: www.beatlescdr.8k.com
Also a few argentine edition Beatles memorabilia!





The Beatles Story - Liverpool

Hi - Thought your readers would like to know that The Beatles Story - Liverpool, now has its own Website - www.beatlesstory.com





Liverpool News

Hi everyone,

Things have been really busy here in Liverpool, with loads more to come.

The George Harrison tribute Weekend in February was extra special, and pictures of the whole event can be seen at http://come.to/liverpoolbeatlescene - including the surprise appearance by Paul McCartney. Talking of Paul, thanks to everyone who made me insanely jealous with the reports from his 'Driving USA' tour - I hope he repeats the amazing performances in England. Hopefully, we'll catch a glimpse of him here in Liverpool over the next few weeks leading up to the launch of his art exhibition here at the Walker, opening on 24th May. After that I guess wedding plans will be given priority - ready for the big day on June 6th - Lucky Heather....

Other events recently included Yoko's visit to unveil the fabulous statue of John at the airport named in his honour. Hopefully she will be here again in July when Queen Elizabeth visits Liverpool John Lennon Airport as part of her British Tour celebrating 50 years as monarch.

Yoko generously bought John & Mimi's former home, 251 Menlove Avenue, and donated it to the National Trust, so if anyone needs another reason to get back to Liverpool next year - then there ya go!! It should be open to the public if everything goes to plan from April 2003, and the lucky man who is looking after it is John Halliday, also curator of 20 Forthlin Road...talk about a great job!!

As far as live@pool tours are concerned, its 'Getting better All The Time'. Things have gone from strength to strength especially since our recent 'Small Tourism Business of The Year' award . We have also worked with some great people - including New York DJ 'Cousin Brucie' - check out the pictures on the WCBS site - theres a link from our home page at www.liveapool.com You'll also find a link to a great article in 'Islands' magazine. Thanks to our friend Deirdre Martin we are featured alongside some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the World!

If you're in the UK in July, then why not join our first ever Ringo Day, combined with the 45th anniversary of the day John met Paul - we'll actually spend the afternoon at St. Peters Summer Fete - takes place on Saturday 6th July.

There are also a small number of places left for Paul McCartney Day on the 15th of June, when we'll celebrate his 60th birthday at The Casbah. I'd also recommend that you visit The Beatle Story Exhibition over the coming months to see a fab new  'Quarrymen' display dedicated to our mates Pete, Len, Rod, Colin, Eric & Co.

Finally, we have added a new 'Chatroom' to our website which you are all welcome to visit at anytime to discuss Beatles / Liverpool / Tours / etc.

We will officially launch it at 7pm UK time tonight - 14th May when I'll be online waiting to chat - hope to see some of you there... Over the next few months, I'll try to organise live chats with other 'Beatle People'

Thats all folks..
From me to you




Debasement gigs


Just to let you know that debasement gigs will be putting on a Paul
McCartney Acoustic Tribute Nite on June 18th to celebrate Paul's 60th Birthday - for more info ring 0879741329.

Paddy Fogarty




Fan Club in Moscow

Dear Mr. Editor,

We from Viagens Tchayka Turismo are Brazilian tour operators specialized in Russia, and we've got a request from a group of The Beatles's fans regarding a festival of The Beatles' cover bands in Moscow in September later this year.

I couldn't find any e-mail or telephone contacts of The Beatle's fan clubs in Moscow or Russia at the internet, only postal addresses. I wonder if you could help me, for maybe you have some contacts in Russia (I am specially interested in telephone numbers, but also in e-mail addresses and internet sites). I have to find something out about this festival, if it is really going to take place.

Please, if you happen to have any contacts in Russia regarding The Beatles, be so kind as to send me their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses  to  gustavo@tchayka.com.br  which is vitally important to me and our agency.

Thank you very much beforehand for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Gustavo de M. C. Nunes Leal
Viagens Tchayka Turismo Ltda.
Rua Aspicuelta, 300
Vila Madalena
CEP: 05433-010 - Sao Paulo - SP
Tel: (11) 3097-0737
Fax: (11) 3034-0971
E-mail: tchayka@tchayka.com.br
Site: www.tchayka.com.br




Beatles Photos

my name is Frank Steinmann, I live in Essen, Germany

I'd like to tell you, that I'm in possession of b/w photo-negatives from the Beatles-Concert in the "Gruga-Halle" Essen at the 25.06.1966. There are over 50 photos from the concert, 34 are from the band, the others from the audience. The photos are from my father, a photographer, who died a short time after he shot the photos.

A few months ago I've found thousand of negatives when I've cleaned the Attics (mother's couldn't gave up things, you know?) and in fact, under these negatives were also these treasures, unnoticed in my possession over 35 years. I checked out, that the concert was at the 25.06.1966, and in the archives of the daily-newspapers I've found only photos from other photographers, so that I'm sure, that these special photos never published before.

You can see the photos on http://www.angelfire.com/band2/beatles1

If you interested, I offer deductions of the ORIGINAL Negative in black & white style. The quality is excellent (more better than the scans on the homepage). Already I sold photos with Ebay to America and Australia and in my feedbacks you can see, that the photos have high quality and it's a serious offer.

See you
Frank Steinmann




Beatles Music Festival USA

Calling all Beatles Fans! Come to Cleveland, Ohio, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, on 09, 10 & 11 August 2002 for the biggest Beatles Celebration outside of Liverpool, England! The Nautica Entertainment Complexis presenting a three-day art, food and music festival honoring the most popular and influential musicians of our time, The Beatles®.

We will be featuring 15-20 of the world’s most renowned Beatles tribute acts performing the discography of the "Fab Four" on two stages. Along with incredible, authentic Beatle Tribute performances, you will hear Beatles music played by live bands in a variety of styles: folk, blues, jazz, classical,…maybe even reggae! (and perhaps Beatles on Bagpipes?!)

Guest appearances by Louise Harrison, other Beatle friends and even a special surprise guest or two will make you feel like part of the Beatle "Family"! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s brilliant John Lennon exhibit is being offered to Beatle fans at a discount, especially for this event.

A jumbo "Beatletron" will show films, documentaries, music videos and many Beatle clips that you may not have seen in 35 years - or ever before! You will see a FABulous collection of Beatles artwork and have the opportunity to see and buy many collectibles and memorabilia. You may even be able to photograph yourself on "Abbey Road" with The Beatles! There will be chances to win trips to Liverpool’s famous Beatle Week Convention and the Mathew Street Festival. It will be a weekend "guaranteed to raise a smile"!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself eating a "yellow submarine" sandwich or a "savoy truffle" or even a "strawberry fields" shortcake washed down with a hippy, hippy milkshake! So "imagine" yourself in a boat on a river (the Cuyahoga) and come join us in Cleveland for the best three-day Beatles Party this side of the Atlantic! A splendid time is guaranteed for all!"

For more information on the weekend packages available and for pictures and lists of the Bands, go to our website: http://www.abbeyroadontheriver.com/

Thank you for your help....
Peace & Love....Patti Seckers




National History Day on the Beatles

My name is John Mallory. I am a ninth grader at Pulaski Academy in Little History Day on the Beatles called: The Beatles; You Say You Want a Revolution. I named it that because the theme for History Day is "Revolution, Reaction, Reform". My project was selected by my school to go to district and I won 2nd place which meant I got to go to the state competition. 

I won 2nd place at the state competition which means I go to exhibit will be on display for three days there and I am hoping to win at nationals. Just in case you don't know how it works judges come around and interview you about your entry. They ask you questions and expect you to know everything about your topic. I concluded that the Beatles began a musical and social revolution and I had to get the message across on my exhibit how they did that. I found some information on both the musical and the social agendas and they wanted me to expand the music agenda part. Here is what I came up with:

  • They established the prototype for the self contained rock group by playing and recording their own music.
  • The sitat heard on "Norwegian Wood" represented the first recorded use of that instrument by a rock group.
  • The combined a string ensemble accompaniment with a popular ballad style.
  • The developed the psychedelic guitar style (first heard on "Taxman") George "Revolver" are considered the first recorded examples of a new guitar style which eventually came to define an important genre of rock in the late 1960's.
  • The invented the idea of a completely listenable rock and roll album.
  • Many of the Beatles' singles became two-sided hits because both songs turned.
  • The developed the use of electronic music effects. The songs "Rain" and spacey sound. "Rain used the gimmick of feeding tapes backward onto the main recording.
  • They were the first to use the concept of album unity (seen in "Sgt. sounds of silence separating one song from the next to give the effect of a continuous show.

I was hoping you could help me with some more information on how they began a me to have a great primary source on my bibliography such as talking to Paul, Ringo or even George Martin. Do you know how I could get in touch with one of them or maybe you have a suggestion of someone I could talk to. Hearing from a Beatles' Fan Club would help. Thank you for your help.


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