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Beatles Ireland Notice Board


If you have a notice (to do with the Beatles please) and would like to put it on this notice board please e-mail us


Note: We have tried to make sure that the notices below are correct; we cannot be responsible for their content or availability. We are providing the notices only for your convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Beatles Ireland of these sites. We advise you to visit each Web site's Usage Policy since all content retain their original copyrights.


Noticeboard Archives 2002

Page 4


George Harrison – Behind That Locked Door

Dear Beatles Fans,

My name is Elliot J Huntley. My paperback book "George Harrison – Behind That Locked Door" has just been released.

The book covers the years 1969 to 2001 and naturally delves into his life after leaving The Beatles but is predominantly a celebration of Harrison’s often under-valued solo career.

It is published by xerostar Publications based in Perth, Australia (www.midi-ebooks.com/Harrison), and can be purchased world-wide from this website.

You can learn more about the book and about me at www.ejhuntley.com – a site that allows you to download a sample chapter and read an essay celebrating Harrison’s colossal impact on the spiritual landscape of the Western World.

However that is not the main reason I’m writing. I am currently working on a book about Harrison’s HandMade films company, and wondered if there was anyone out there who wanted to help – sharing their thoughts and knowledge on particular HandMade films – reviews, Harrison’s involvement in, research materials etc etc…

Although no payment of any kind can be offered for your contribution (at least certainly not at this stage) all contributions will be fully acknowledged...

Sincerely yours,
Elliot J Huntley




Paul McCartney Day

Anyone thinking about booking for Paul McCartney Day on the 15th June - celebrating his 60th birthday the following week, then you need to get your bookings in as soon as possible - its looking like it will be a sell out.

Highlights will include a tour of Macca's Merseyside, open air lunch, visit to Paul's art exhibition at The Walker - and best of all - a FAB party at the newly opened Casbah including a visit from Pete Best.

The total cost for the all day celebration will be 70 pounds per person which includes lunch & souvenir gift. To reserve, e-mail me & we'll need to collect a deposit of 20 pounds followed by the balance of 50 pounds on the 15th May. More details on our site at www.liveapool.com

We are offering 4**** accommodation at the Liverpool Moat house hotel for the discounted price of 40 pounds per person per night sharing a twin room. Budget accommodation is also available from only 15 pounds per night.

Not only can you celebrate Maccas 60th birthday in the town where he was born... you can also sample the Mersey River Festival in full flow - 'Best Event' winner last nights Mersey Tourism Awards.

It promises to be a really special weekend - and if you didn’t make it to the celebration for George Harrison last month, go take a look at http://come.to/liverpoolbeatlescene for a full write up on the day - including one or two lovely surprises.

Once again, thanks to everyone out there for continuing to support live@pool tours, with love from me to you!!





George Tribute

I am emailing you on behalf of the Beatles Story Exhibition in Liverpool.

I felt that many of the visitors to your site would like to know about the opening of the George Harrison tribute wall. It would be great if you could feature the announcement below.

Also please feel free to pass it on to any other sites/fans.

"In light of the recent tragic death of George Harrison and in response to our visitors' requests for a way to express their personal feelings, The Beatles Story has commissioned a Tribute Wall.

At 11.30am on Monday 25th February 2002 - George's birthday - the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and a number of George's friends from the '60s will make their own personal tributes. From then on, throughout this year, visitors will be free to create tributes in the form of a poem, letter, drawing or any other art form. The tributes will be displayed on the Tribute Wall in the foyer of the exhibition.

The Beatles Story is at the Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)151 709 1963
Many thanks

Jerry Goldman
Goldman Adkins Associates Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)207 608 0004




(a major concert / video venue of Canadian kids and musicians together for peace) December 8, 2002 - Toronto.

Toronto Peace 2002- The Inspiration

In 1969, John Lennon declared his mission for world peace from Toronto's Varsity Stadium. Understood and invigorated, Toronto Peace 2002, captures Lennon's inspiration in a two-fold project.

Toronto Peace 2002- The Mission Statement

Unity through Diversity * Understanding from Diversity *
Together music can bring our world to peace.

Toronto Peace 2002 - The Venue Objective

As a major charitable concert venue of popular Canadian musicians, interacting with and around 350 diverse children the project aims at delivering a message of peace in the unification of cultural diversity, as successfully demonstrated in Toronto daily. The children will come from the Durham Ontario Local School District's integrated arts program, and the SixNations Lands of the Iroquois Confederacy.
Selected American artists will also participate.
A June 15th videotaping is planned of these children at a Northern Ontario Arts Camp. This will serve as backdrop for the live December 8th concert venue. The video will center on the children "teaching" the world peace: via song in lyric and tune; and via word, in quips and quotes from history's peaceful teachers. This would include the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and others.
All songs performed must be theme based on "peace".
Musicians / artists may perform their own songs, or songs can be provided for them.


The children will be the only ones singing Lennon's songs of peace, as per missed by Yoko Ono. The songs are yet to be determined, but certainly will add dimension and heart to the project by bringing inspirational guidance to our troubled times.
Ms. Ono will not only be aware of the project, but has been invited to participate at any level.

Toronto Peace 2002 - Contact Coordinates:

Lynn Cousino Saldanha
Email: ImagineUnity@lennontask.com or Imagine1133@aol.com




News from Liverpool

Hi there,

Plans for GEORGE HARRISON day on the 23rd Feb are well under way. This promises to be a poignant tribute to George as we remember, and celebrate his Liverpool Life. Places for the all day event are still available, and more details cam be found on our site at http://www.liveapool.com

Just yesterday, it was announced that the City of Liverpool will pay tribute to George with a star studded concert in his honour. It will take place at the Empire Theatre on Sunday 24th Feb, and all proceeds will go towards cancer charities.

See http://www.cavern-liverpool.co.uk/harrison_tribute.htm for ticket details - what a weekend.....

Update on St. Peters Floor - those of you interested in the floor pieces will probably know by now that they are being sold on the Fleetwood Owen website for the princely sum of 300 pounds each. I am hoping to approach the church asking for a simpler package to be sold, and suggest a price of 50 pounds per 'chunk'. If I can offer enough names to make this worthwhile, then they might just sit up & listen, so if you haven't contacted me yet & may be interested in a little chunk of Beatle History then let me know & I'll include you on the list.

Last bit of news is something I'm personally thrilled about - just today I found out that live@pool tours have been short-listed down to the last 3 to win the Small Tourism Business of the Year Award in Merseyside - we'll find out at a ceremony in March whether we have been successful, but just to be nominated is FAB - as we Scousers say - I'm chuffed to bits!!

With love from me to you




Beatles Unlimited presents:


On Easter Saturday, 30th of March 2002, Beatles Unlimited will, for the 23rd consecutive year, be organising its International Beatles Convention at the Vredenburg Music centre, Vredenburg Passage 77, Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 10a.m. to 5.30p.m. Admission €11,-- This year’s event is dedicated to George Harrison the band’s solo guitarist. He died in Los Angeles on 29 November 2001.

Audio and exhibition

Exhibit here for the first time in Europe is a series of photos made in front and around the stage during the groups record breaking performance at the Shea Stadium in New York, USA on 15 August 1965, when the Beatles played in front of a 55.000 strong audience of screaming fans! (10.00 - 17.00).

There are places I remember, in my life.. We’ll take you down (one more time) to the life of George Harrison. With pictures and video we show you Liverpool as he knew it. The houses where he lived, the schools, the shops, the dancehalls, where he worked and of course the places he shared with that famous group known as the Beatles. (11.00 –11.45).

Slideshow with photo’s from George Harrison in Amsterdam ‘77 & Countdown ‘88 (11.45 -12.15).

Three of the four video shows are dedicated to the life of George Harrison. We’ll show you unique and never seen footage taken from his musical heritage. (10.00 – 17.00).

Music & guests

One of the bands that already performed in the past at our conventions is the Dutch Beatles tribute band The Real Stallions. Especially for this event they’ll pay tribute to one of the world’s best guitarists. This band saw "the inner light" and stood up from the grave, "for this day only" to perform two sets of George Harrison best songs! (12.15 -13.15 & 16.00-17.30).

Guests. Right now we are still busy to round off the presence of a George Harrison related guest apart from Mike Smith, the engineer that recorded the Beatles for the Decca session on first of January 1962. (15.00 -16.00).

Other parts:

Quiz. It is no surprise for you that we spend attention to George Harrison in this quiz, testing your Knowledge about him! Anyone can be part of it! The questions are taken from his (pre) Beatles and solo years. (13.15 – 14.00).

Beatles flea market with 200 meter on stalls with singles/LP’s/CD's/DVD’s, books, video's, magazines, photo’s and memorabilia (10.00 – 17.00).

Auction, with original Beatles goodies and memorabilia (14.00 – 14.45).

You can contact the organisation by writing to Beatles Unlimited, P.O. Box602, 3430 AP Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. By phone you can contact René van Haarlem at 31-30-6063678, fax31-30-2445292 or by Email beatlunl@knoware.nl. Also for extensive travel & hotel information. : http://www.beatles-unlimited.com





( Currently listed with Amazon.co.uk ISBN 1853880035 Price £12.95 + p&p)

In the Lap of the Gods and The Hands of The BeatlesA limited number of hardcover copies of the first edition (only edition) of this Book have come up for sale. You may want to let your members know...Please contact ourselves directly via return email at unizarre@netmatters.co.uk or refer to Amazon.

Book Description
A fascinating definitive personalised review and chronology of over 20 years of the lives, the music, and the songs of the 'Fab Four'. Written by Alan Parker (former President of the UK Beatles Fan Club), David F. Bowles (Writer and Author), and Keith Bateson (former Radio Engineer at some of the Beatles Recording sessions). Printed in 1990 in only a First Edition it is now considered to be a key 'collectors item' to Beatles Fans around the world - incorporating fascinating facts as well as a host of more unusual and little-known photos and comment.

From the Publisher
This Book is one of the more personal and informative overviews and chronologies of events surrounding the Beatles during their reign at the top of the Music scene around the world. An insight into the background lives and music that shaped the 4 in to the greatest group of all time. A MUST for Beatles Fans ! A must for Collectors !

From the Author
David Bowles(Co-Author): In this Book (and the complementing Radio Series also available) I hope that we (that is Alan Parker, Keith Bateson, and myself) bring to you, the Reader, something very special - a collection of memories as well as facts; of personalities as well as media profiles; of understanding and meaning rather than just cold stark headlines. We all recognise the importance of Music around the world, and hope that both yourselves and the media (like us) will continue to fondly remember the Sixties and Seventies - the era of The Beatles and of their phenomenal contribution to the world of music.




Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles:

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Bruce Lev....(pen name Doctor Lev). I have a book being released (as we speak) based on the Beatles' "Paul-Is-Dead" mystery. It's entitled: 'Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles' and is the story of the man (Billy Campbell) who had secretly replaced Paul McCartney after Paul's fatal car crash in 1966.

It is an "easy" read, thereby enticing the younger generation to discover and learn about the Beatles and their "great" mystery. The Publisher is Dorrance Pub. Co., Inc. (out of Pittsburgh, PA, USA).

I have a website set up and devoted to the Beatles and this mystery (along with me, Doctor Lev), please check it out at: (www.Paul-Is-Dead.com).

Also, the book is now featured in the Daytrippin' magazine (including the Beatles Merchandise section)... (http://www.daytrippin.com/beatle_gifts.htm).

Furthermore, the book will also be available through the BeatleFest catalogue (www.beatlefest.com) in February. I will be appearing as a guest speaker at BeatleFest in NY in March 8-10!

Sincerely yours,

Bruce Lev
(aka Doctor Lev)




New Beatles book wants Fans to tell us about why they love the Fabs

Hello Fellow Beatles Fan

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Younger, music writer from and living in New York City. I’m involved in a forthcoming book (2002) just about The Beatles. (That’s about all I can tell you about the project.) We are looking for Beatle fans from all age groups to write a paragraph or two that will accompany some of the photos. Your text will not be accompanied by your name, but your name will be included in the acknowledgment page at the front of the book. There is no payment of any kind for your contribution.

If you are interested, kindly write me a paragraph (no more than that, please) relating to The Beatles. It can be about your favorite member, favorite song, movie, album, out-take, fan experience, dream, fantasy, ANYTHING that expresses why and how they touched you. Understandably, it’s hard to put it all into one paragraph, so don’t try to. Just write as much or as little as you like.

Just so we’re all clear on this, kindly cut and paste (or copy) the following acknowledgment with your contribution:

I am submitting the following text about The Beatles to Richard Younger for possible use in a book. I understand their will be no remuneration of any kind for this and that my text may be edited as the editors see fit. (your name)

Please respond to: Itchycookid@yahoo.com
Thanks, Richard Younger




Toronto Live Peace Concert 2002 - Teaching Kids

Hullo Derek!

Hey, there is SO much hitting lately with the Task, I have just to tell you a bit. It's a CD project, that now with the entry of some real music people from the US and Canada, will hope to become, Toronto Live Peace Concert 2002 - To teach kids peace.

This thing has went bananas in the past couple of weeks. Wild. Kids teaching kids peace through music and then....major musicians getting involved. All from where Lennon declared his mission for world peace, Toronto's Live Peace Concert 1969.

Take care.

Lynn Cousino Saldanha / Toronto
Literally Connected to John Lennon
Unity through Diversity.
Understanding from Diversity.
Together we can all bring the world to peace.
"And the world will live as one." Imagine / Lennon


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