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Noticeboard Archives 2002

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Hello again from Liverpool........

George Anniversary
Come to our Christmas Party!
Join our new e-group

1. Next week sees the sad anniversary of Georges passing. To everyone heading for the Royal Albert Hall - have a wonderful time, and if anyone is travelling to Liddypool to pay respects at the Beatles Story, then I'll see you there. If there are any tributes planned in your area, I'd love to hear about them..and if not, then you can sit & listen to the fantastic 'Brainwashed' - what an album.

2. If you're within travelling distance of Liverpool (or know any friends who might be) on the 8th December, then remember our Christmas Party Day. It's getting better all the time...the latest line up of events is..

11am - begin at Beatles Story
Take to coach to the Dingle for Sherry with Margaret at Ringo's -
Make our way via Penny Lane & Arnold Grove to St. Peters Church Hall, where we'll lay on the traditional Mince Pies & Mulled Wine at the place where Lennon met McCartney. We'll also pay our Christmas tribute to Eleanor Rigby in the church yard.
Tribute to John on the sad anniversary of his death at Strawberry Field
Take a look at Mendips - currently undergoing restoration ready for opening next year.
Back to town via Forthlin Road.
Traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner at the Philharmonic Dining Rooms (veggie option too).
Rock & Roll at The Jacaranda with The Prellies. This event is hosted by Lucy (In The Sky) Carter & Martin Beatlefab & will raise money for cancer charities.
Victorian Christmas parade at St. Georges hall with Santa & his reindeer & traditional choirs.
Evening concert at the Royal Court - Elvis v The Beatles featuring Liverpool's own 'Blue Meanies' and 'Elvis Brettini'.

Everything above - plus a souvenir Christmas gift..is included at 60 pounds per person, but as a late booking offer, Beatle Pals 'come together' for a great day, and we'll offer 1 free place in every four.

3. Thanks everyone who voted for John in the recent BBC Great Britons poll. He didnt make the toppermost of the poppermost, in fact coming in at number 8 with only 4.3% of the votes - but the 8th greatest Brit of all time is not a bad result for a working class lad from Liverpool. The poll now makes him the Greatest Scouser and the greatest musician in history as voted by the public.

The winner was actually John's namesake - Winston Churchill. More information can be found at http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/programmes/greatbritons/final_topten.shtml.
4. I'd love to invite you to join our brand new Yahoo e-group. Here you can chat to like minded people about Liverpool, The Beatles, or anything related that takes your fancy. I'll be there daily to keep you updated about anything & everything that's going on, ands generally just keep in touch...go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Liverpooltours to join & hopefully I'll see you there.

Finally, if you'd rather not hear from us regularly, send me an e-mail, drop me a line, stating point of view & I'll delete you from our list.

From me to you....
live@pool tours




Dear Beatle fan

To mark the first anniversary of George's passing The Beatles Story is opening its doors, free of charge, for all those who wish to remember George on this day. Please pass on the programme to any other people who may be interested, thank you.

Programme of George Harrison tribute day 29th November 2002.

The day’s programme will take place in the replica Cavern in The Beatles Story exhibition where there will be a display of the thousands of tributes that people have dedicated to George. Also on display will be a collection of archival photographs of George kindly donated by the Liverpool Echo.

10.30am St. Thomas Beckett R.C High School<br> Sylvia Smith the music teacher used to wait for the bus that George’s dad drove so she could find out any hot news on the fab four! The school children have continued this admiration for the Beatles and so wanted to come along and pay tribute to George by performing a few of his songs and also an original composition inspired by George himself.

11.00am Hare Krishna
The Krishna’s will be reflecting on a very important aspect of George’s life, his spirituality. George was a Krishna devotee and so the Krishna’s will spend time talking about their beliefs, chanting and serving prasdam (spiritualised vegetarian foods). Everyone is invited to chant along.

12.00pm LIPA students
George was a pupil at The Liverpool Institute, which was saved from demolition by his good friend Paul McCartney and now houses LIPA. The students want to pay their tribute to George and will be performing songs by The Travelling Wilburys.

1.15pm St. Sebastian’s School choir
This performance will be repeated at 3.00pm. St. Sebastian’s sang at the Palm House for George, in February of this year. The Harrison’s themselves gave a generous donation for the restoration of the Victorian glasshouse, due to their love of gardening and George’s hometown. St.Sebastian’s wanted to repeat the performance in tribute to George by singing a medley of his beautiful songs. A song sheet will be handed out so everyone can sing along.

2.00pm George Formby Society
George was a member of the George Formby society and would often turn up anonymously to perform at their meetings. In tribute to both men the society will entertain us all with the music of Mr.Formby - which George so loved.

3.00pm St. Sebastian’s
Repeat performance.

3.30pm Reading of Tributes
The day will end with the reading of a small selection of the 2000 tributes that people have dedicated to George from all over the world. To have had such an impact on so many people is truly inspirational.

We’ll remember you with love always George, Hare Krishna.




Dear Pete Best & Beatles Fans

As you are no doubt aware we at Splash Management have been working tirelessly for the past 6 months on Pete Best's official web site www.petebest.com.

The site includes details of Pete's career not only as a Beatle from 1960 through to 1962, but upto present day, also on the site is a Guestbook, merchandise page, and a message board, which includes numerous forums for fans all around the world to discuss different topics. There is also a Pete Best News forum, where we will update you on all of Pete's future tours & appearances.

Over the forthcoming months their will be competition's where you can win some FABulous prizes as well.

The Date for the launch of Pete's website is the 24th of November 2002, which as some of you may know is Pete's 61st birthday, which we think is a perfect launch day for our latest venture on the world wide web.

We at Splash believe this website will give you hours of fun, so please tell all your friends about our new site, and don't forget when you visit make sure that you register on our message board.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Chris Cavanagh




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Best wishes,
Louise Collier
The Beatles Story Liverpool
+44 (0) 151 709 1963



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