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If you have a notice (to do with the Beatles please) and would like to put it on this notice board please e-mail us

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Greetings Beatle-people!

The Billy Shears (and Paul-Is-Dead) "Summer-leg" of the '02-'03 Doctor Lev "World Tour" has one more stop left...whewwwwww!

Firstly, Doctor Lev's appearance and performance on stage in CLEVELAND this past weekend at the ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER festival
(http://www.abbeyroadontheriver.com/) was the "Pinnacle" (so far) of Doctor Lev's writing and performing career.
Pictures, videos, and sound-bites will be available on the www.Paul-Is-Dead.com website later.

Next, however, is the CHICAGO BEATLEFEST (or by the new name: The Fest For Beatles Fans) this next weekend (August 15th-18th).
See: http://www.thefestforbeatlesfans.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?

The Doctor will be presenting Paul-Is-Dead slide-shows on Saturday and Sunday.
For those of you in or near the Chicago area, this will be one of the best events to attend in years since DONOVAN will be headlining and performing!... ; )
Ringo is also performing in Chicago a few nights prior...so rumors are swirling about a surprise visit also!... : 0

Nonetheless, thank you all (again) for your support and interest in the Beatles and their great PAUL-IS-DEAD mystery.
I am very proud to say that I feel like I have successfully helped keep this mystery (and one of the greatest strokes of musical and artistic genius) alive and have "passed" the torch on to hundreds of young kids throughout the past two years.
However, not to sound like my efforts will stop there....be prepared to see the story Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles as an animated film sometime in the future, which will incorporate numerous songs that I, the Magical-Mystery-Doctor, have written.

So, be well and please continue to search and send in any newly discovered clues or information that you've found to: DoctorLev@Paul-Is-Dead.com

Doctor Lev
(and the staff at Billy Shears Inc.)

PS An audio file/clip has been added to the CLUE-OF-THE-YEAR page so everybody can now hear it for themselves (since the Christmas albums were/are so rare)!
Click here: http://www.paul-is-dead.com/clueoftheyear.html and listen closely... ; )

Hi all you Beatlemaniacs!.

The San Diego BEATLEFAIR July 20th was outstanding!
For a review see: http://abbeyrd.best.vwh.net/news/630beatlefair.html
Pete Best and his band along with Tony Sheridan was an incredible line-up to be working alongside with.
Click here to see the Doctor hangin' (and jammin') with Tony Sheridan:
http://www.paul-is-dead.com/stars.htm (and scroll down to the bottom) .
Congratulations to Kristy, Carmen, Malcolm, Matt, Rosey, and all the others for another successful and totally fun event!

NExT, Doctor Lev will be performing on stage at ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER in Cleveland August 8th-10th!
See: www.AbbeyRoadontheRiver.com
And the schedule at: http://www.abbeyroadontheriver.com/schedule.html
For those of you who would like to be part of a weekend-long outdoor Beatles-band extravaganza in downtown Cleveland (along the river), tickets can be purchased through their website.
Remember, Cleveland is home to the Rock-N-Roll Hall-of-Fame!
So, if you have never been to the Hall-of-Fame, or to the city of Cleveland, THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO GO EVER!

Finally, as the Billy Shears/Paul-Is-Dead tour continues.....
Doctor Lev will be appearing (the following weekend) in Chicago at BEATLEFEST August 15th-17th, signing copies of his book and presenting a couple of more Paul-Is-Dead slide-shows!
See: http://www.thefestforbeatlesfans.com/Merchant2/
merchant.mv?Screen=SFNT&Sec tion=fest&Store_Code=thefest

Hopefully, Donovan (the headliner) will be up for another late-night jam at the guest/staff party... ; )))

On any road......I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far.
And, if you are traveling at all, take along some entertaining reading material...like Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles... ; )

Doctor Lev and the staff @ Billy Shears Inc.

PS For all of you Paul-Is-Dead "cluesters" out there, check out the 'updated' NEW CLUES section of the website:

Dear All,

Petebest.com is proud to announce the dates and venues for Pete Best's forthcoming tour of the USA, The has been appropriately titled
------ The True Beginnings Tour ------,
The Pete Best Band have decided on this name for two reasons.
1. The True Beginnings is the Title of the Best Brothers Newest book.
2. For those of you that have experienced The Pete Best Band live before I am sure you will agree that it was a great experience, but that experience will only get better, for the Pete Best band play songs that you may never ever have heard live before, such as early classics like Besame Mucho, Hello Little Girl, My Bonnie, Till There Was You, Like Dreamers Do, Sweet Georgia Brown & Saw Her Standing There

As you have probably noticed these songs are very early songs from the Beatles Repertoire, and the bonus of all this is that you will have an Original Beatle with his own band playing all these great songs for you. The Pete Best Band play a set of songs that Pete Best Played on initially from 1960-62, I realise that there are thousands of Tribute Bands all around the world but one thing is for sure, YOU CAN'T BEAT THE REAL THING!

The Pete Best Band -- The True Beginnings Tour -- USA 2003

Thursday JULY 3RD
164 Snelling Ave. N, St. Paul, MN 55104
O'Gara's Garage Live Entertainment Hotline, (612)676-2133

FridayJULY 4TH
Venue to be added

Saturday JULY 5TH
905 Okoboji Ave.
Milford, IA 51351

Sunday JULY 6TH
KNICKER BOCKERS, 901 O St, Lincoln, NE

Monday JULY 7TH
Hard Rock Café, 500 16th Street, Suite 120, Denver, CO 80202
Telephone : 303-623-3191

Hard Rock Café, 600 E. Trolley St, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Thurs JULY 10TH
DUKE OF WINDSOR, 522 Main St, Windsor, CO

TULSA CONVENTION CENTRE, 100 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK

6420 SE 15th St
Oklahoma City, OK

*Mon—JULY 14TH—
15 West Aspen Street, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Phone: (928) 556-1580

Tues JULY 15TH
Hard Rock Café
3 South 2nd Street, Suite 117, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Thurs JULY 17TH
11570 Highway 9, Brookdale, Santa Cruz, CA 95007

Scottish Rite Center,
Mission Valley, 1895 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, California,
Tel : 619.297.0737

Mon JULY 21st
33157 Camino Capistrano Road, San Juan, Capistrano, CA 92675
Tel : (949) 496-8930

Tuesday JULY 22nd
Universal Studios, City Walk, Hollywood. CA
Tel : (818) 622-7625

Wednesday JULY 23rd
201 Orchard City Drive, Campbell, CA,

Thursday JULY 24th
23 Petaluma Blvd. No., Petaluma, Ca. 94952
Tel : 707.765.2121

Friday 25th JULY
8200 Sierra College Blvd , Roseville, CA

Saturday 26th JULY
1290 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109.
Tel : 415-673-5716

Sunday 27th JULY
Upland, CA
Address To Be Added



A lot of mystery surrounds a rare new Beatles Christmas message tape that has been found after being lost for many years. The tape was originally sent to the Beatles publishers in the mid 60's. It is an unedited live tape of the Beatles standing around a microphone probably at Abbey Road attempting to record a Christmas message tape for their Fan Club.

The Engineer who can be heard on the tape plays sound effects to the Beatles in an attempt to get them to come up with something that can be edited together to make a record that can be sent to the Fans. It was obviously felt that this session didn't come up to the Beatles high expectation as none of this tape has ever been heard before so it must have been scrapped.

It was however greatly appreciated by the few people who heard it in the 60's and now it is available to Beatle Fan of the 21st century to hear the guys just having a bit of fun all those years ago.

e-mail: lostbeatlestape@yahoo.com

Hi everybody!

It's been a few months since the NY/NJ Beatlefest in March.
But.....Here we go again!...Three cities in four weeks coming up!

Sunday, July 20th in San Diego is BEATLEFAIR (http://www.beatlefair.com/)
August 8-10 in Cleveland is ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER
August 15-17 in Chicago is BEATLEFEST

Details for each will be included in individual e-mails just before each event.

For the San Diego BEATLEFAIR (Sunday, July 20th):
Doctor Lev will be (among other performances) presenting his 'up-to-date' Paul-Is-Dead slide-show!
Yes, new clues have been discovered this year (including the "Clue-of-the-Year": http://www.paul-is-dead.com/clueoftheyear.html) and will be incorporated therein.
Also, PETE BEST (and his band, which includes his brother ROAG) will be in attendance and playing....HOORAY!!!
And let's not forget about TONY SHERIDAN (whom the Beatles backed-up on their first professional recording ever: My Bonnie...and played numerous shows with in Germany in the "early days").
This show will be covered (and broadcast) by San Diego radio stations KGB 101 and KOOL 95.7 (both hosted by DAVE MASON).

Thanks so much (once again) to everybody out there for making sales of the book so successful (thousands of copies have been sold to date!)
Also, thanks to all those who have actively been involved in searching for clues and spreading the word about the Paul-Is-Dead mystery and the website (www.Paul-Is-Dead.com) ...apparently we have been doing quite a job based on the numerous new websites, books, articles, radio programs, and even movies that have either been created since the release of the book or are in the works... ; )

Stay tuned...and we'll keep you up-to-date on upcoming events!

Doctor Lev
(and the Billy Shears Inc. staff)
PS Oh yeah, Happy (slightly belated) Birthdays to Bil...I mean, Paul, and

ALL of Volume One FOR FREE online

I just put all of the songs from Volume One of The Beatles Tribute Album online for FREE!

Just go to http://www.beatlestribute.com and you will see the song list for volume one.



My name is Miron Ghiu-Caia and I'm a professional
writer. Right now I'm writing a Beatles biography, which will be published at the end of May by the most prestigious publishing house in Romania - Humanitas.

I need information regarding Beatles - especially books about him in some electronic format.
Or, at least, ANY information.
If you could help me I will be greatful and I'll mention your name in my book. You know, import books in Romania are ExTREMELY expensive and I can't afford to buy'em all.

On the other hand - I need Beatles pictures that you've eventualy made, to put them in my book - ofcourse I'll credit you, etc.

If you could help me with this, it'll be great!

Miron Ghiu-Caia

Dear All,

We are glad to inform you of some news regarding Pete Best, The Pete Best Band and of course PeteBest.com.
Pete Best alongside brothers Rory & Roag will be arriving in the USA on Wednesday the 11th of June, yes that is this week. The reason for the visit, is the beginning of the promotion of their new book The Beatles - The True Beginnings which is to be released in the USA and Canada this week. As part of this visit the brothers will be performing interviews on certain US radio stations and also they will be attending a select number of book signings at various bookstores throughout New York and New Jersey.

The Beatles - The True Beginnings US Book Signing

The booksignings are as follows :
Wednesday 11th of June : Borders Meet & Greet, Arrive @ 6pm, Event 6-9pm, Borders Books, 100 Broadway NYC, 734-477-1637
2. Thursday 12th of June : Book Signing, Signing @ 7pm, Barnes & Noble/Lincoln Center, 1972 Broadway,NYC, 10023. 212-595-6859
3. Saturday 14th of June : Book Signing, Signing @ 2pm, Bookends, 232 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ. 201-445- 0726
4. Saturday 14th Of June : Book Signing, Signing @ 8pm, Book Revue, 313 New York Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743, 631-271-1442.
All three brothers will be present at these book stores, so you will have the fantastic opportunity of getting all of their signatures on the book if you so wish.

Pete Best Band Update

It is with great joy that PeteBest.com can announce that the Pete Best band will be touring the USA in July and September of 2003. The July tour will be the first leg of the tour and September will be the second leg, both tours will last roughly one month and will incorporate most major US cities thus giving you the chance to see and feel the raw energy from the band firsthand.
More details of venues and show dates will be mailed to yourselves sometime next week.

Pete Best.Com Update

As most of you are aware PeteBest.com has given Pete Best fans around the world the opportunity to ask Pete questions regarding his time with the Beatles, thorough his web site forum at Pete's reply which is based at http://www.petebest.com/forum/
already we have had some very interesting questions and have shown Pete them for him to prepare his answers for yourselves. There is still time for you to get your questions in also.
PeteBest.com will also have it's merchandise page live in the near future, as you can appreciate we are trying our best to make it right for all Pete Best fans as we feel this is not just Pete Best's personal website , we feel and Pete himself feels that it is also your site and appreciates all the input and contributions from yourselves in making this site as popular as it is.

All the Best And See You all Soon PeteBest.Com!

Bassist (Hofner Violin) available for project or gig

Hi all at Beatles Ireland.
Love the site! Heres hoping you post my ad.
I play the bass + I'm also also a guitarist (left handed.) Influences wide and varied with a heavy Beatles influence of course! Available immediatly for gigs or projects. Recording + live work experience. Serious replies only.
Enjoy the gig on the 27th. I know I will!
Paul Flynn ( 01 4621881-home)
or superpolo82@hotmail.com

Dear Beatles' fans,

I am very glad to inform you that my music project "Vesolja dlan" ("Across The Universe") is finally on the web. CD was released in December 2002 and
it includes 10 arrangements of Beatles' songs and one Lennon's song in Slovenian language. Please, click the link below and enjoy the project. The
webpage is also in English and Spanish. Please, send your comments to me. I will appreciate your opinion. It is also possible to buy CD.


If you know somebody who could be interested in my internet page, please send this e-message also to him/her. Thanks!

Best regards,

Matej Kosir

Hi everyone,

Havent popped by to say hello for a while - things have been pretty busy here in Liverpool, but I know some of you are members of the live@pool tours Yahoo group so for constantly interactive updated information - why not join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Liverpooltours - be good to chat with you - you'll also find out why Jane & I spent the weekend with 600 Russian sailors recently - with photographs to prove it LOL!!

News since the last mail:

live@pool tours were once again shortlisted as Small Tourism Business of the Year at the Merseyside Tourism awards. Sadly, we didnt repeat our success of last year, the accolade went to our friend Leah Williams (Allan's daughter) at the International Inn - take a look at their website If you're looking for great hostel accommodation in Liverpool - Its just around the corner from John's birthplace, LIPA & the Philharmonic Pub & Hall.

HOWEVER - although we had to be satisfied as one of two runners-up - THE JACARANDA where we are based can now proudly boast that it is Liverpool's BAR OF THE YEAR! - richly deserved!

Sad news was the death of our friend Beryl Adams. Beryl lived a full & very interesting life. She was Brain Epsteins secretary in the early 60's - right there at the forefront during the birth of the Beatles. She later married Bob Wooler - Cavern DJ, and in latter years shared her life with Allan Williams. Beryl had been working on a book before her untimely death, so watch out for the publication date - it will definitely be one to add to your collection.

the BIGGEST news of all is that our Paul will be returning to play Liverpool in Sunday 1st June. This will be the 90th!! and last concert of his Back In the World tour and promises to be an amazing evening on the banks of the River Mersey. Needless to say, I have my ticket : ), but for those who havent been so lucky - there are two options..1/ Paul has called for the capacity to be extended, so maybe more will be online soon, or 2/ there seems to be a surplus of tickets on the internet auction sites like e-bay etc. - prices are reasonable so far. If you can make it to the show - then I hope you'll also join our...

We've brought Paul's annual birthday tour forward this year to coincide with the show. It will begin at 10am on the 1st June and feature MANY MANY sites seldom seen on the usual tours - including Pauls birthplace, first Liverpool Home, place where he made his debut as a Quarryman, and the highlight is lunch INSIDE St Peters Church Hall, where he met John all those years ago back in 1957. the tour will be set to a soundtrack of the songs he'll sing in the show, so later that evening as he serenades us by the River, you'll have great memories of the people & places he's singing about. It will finish about 3pm - plenty of time to hang around before the show begins around 7.30-8pm. Cost is £35 per person, but places are limited and will probably sell out.- SEE http://www.liveapool.com/paul.html

Other stuff to do while you're here for the show...


Anyway, I'll try not to leave it so long next time, its always good to hear whats happening with you all, but if you would prefer not to receive updates - albeit not too regularly then just mail me & I'll remove you from our list.

Hope to see some of you at the Paul show,

live@pool tours

From one fan to another... GH tribute

Have you heard the new version of my guitar gently weeps by Avant Strangel? It's funny. He does this weird musical stroll thru, rock, reggae, soul. you can download it from: www.avantstrangel.com

Dear All,

Sorry it has been a while since we have added to the website, but as most of you are aware we are nearing the end of our current UK tour. All in all it has been a very succesful tour and one that we are sure will happen again next year. The Pete Best Band would like to thank all of you that attended the shows and also thank people for their well wishes, some of you may be aware that the band was involved in a motor accident whilst returning from a show in Lowestoft, police and accident recovery specialist's said at the scene of the accident that "all the band were lucky to still be alive". The story is detailed at this web address http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/
0100regionalnews/ page.cfm?objectid=
12849931&method=full&siteid= 50061&headline=

The Pete Best Band are proud to announce a date for the 31st of May in the luxurious surroundings of Bellinzona, Switzerland. The Pete Best Band will be performing a set of early Classics all of which Pete Best performed during his time with the Beatles, around the Bars of Hamburg, at the Casbah Coffee Club and in the dance halls of Liverpool.

Hope that this update gives you an idea as to what has been going on at the moment. Over the next month or so we will be making you all aware of the future dates for The Pete Best Band.

Also A new part to the Petebest.com Forum is being added, which will be titled "Pete's Reply". Pete's reply is an excellent opportunity for Pete Best fans around the world to ask Pete Questions, it will be Pete who will be responding to your questions and no one else so here will be your opportunity to ask a real Beatle those questions that have always mystified you.

To be able to ask questions on Pete's Forum, you must first of all register as a member.

All the Best

Pete Best.com


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