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The album will be released in the US on Tuesday, November 21st.But in Ireland on the 17th............

The new album "LOVE" is coming - and to coincide with the release, you can hear an exclusive preview of four of the tracks at TheBeatles.com!

Strawberry Fields Forever
Lady Madonna
Octopus's Garden
While My Guitar Gently Weeps


The album features 26 tracks re-worked by George and Giles Martin for the "LOVE" show in Las Vegas, an incredible music and visual experience created out of the collaboration between The Beatles and Cirque Du Soleil. The result is an unprecedented approach to the music.

"LOVE" will be released on Monday November 20th (UK). The stereo CD will contain 78 minutes of music, and features 26 tracks.

Simultaneously released will be a special 2 disc edition that will include the stereo CD and an Audio only DVD containing a slightly extended version in amazing 5.1 surround sound.

The Beatles Love

My name is Chris and I work in the digital marketing team for Parlophone, EMI. I am contacting you as you are the email contact for a fansite which may be interested in the new Beatles information.

 As you may well know George Martin has been allowed access to The Beatles original master tapes and has remixed some of the greatest ever Beatles songs including ' I Am A Walrus ', ' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ' and ' Hey Jude ' amongst many others and with this created a soundscape to excite and delight all Beatles fans, in the form of the new album 'Love'

 Four tracks are available to listen to at the Beatles offical homepage (http://www.beatles.com), so please if you could post up a news article about the tracks available for listening so people can have a listen before the official release date on Monday 20th Nov.

 ALSO on the 16th of this month, the entire album will be available for streaming off the site for one day only, in preparation for the official release on Monday 20th.

For Sale

The following is the list of Beatles items that are available to sell.  I can be contacted at the below email address, or phone me at 4195019 ( work number) or 6271229 (home number):

(1) Beatles Red & Blue Video clips. Promo video issued in 1993 to promote release cd release of Red & Blue albums 4 video clips.
(2).Beatles Anthology 1 cd sampler
(3). Beatles Anthology 2 cd sampler
(4). Beatles Anthology 3 cd sampler
(5).Yellow Submarine press kit on cd
(6). Yellow Submarine 4 track sampler, gatefold sleeve
(7). Paul McCartney: 'Paul Is Live' cd sampler (5 tracks)
(8). Beatles Red & Blue cd sampler
(9). John Lennon : Anthology sampler ( 2 track)
(10). John Lennon : Anthology sampler ( 7 tracks)
(11). John Lennon: 'Happy xmas, War is Over' promo cd
(12). Paul McCartney Collection promo cd (18 tracks)
(13). Paul McCartney: 'Partial to Your Abracadabra' promo cd. Track from Ian Dury covers album
(14). Paul McCartney: 'Young Boy' promo cd (
15). John Lennon Anthology: Yoko Ono interview.
(16) John Lennon Anthology : 10 track sampler.
I also have various posters, badges, sales presenters relating to the 'Anthology' series and 'Red & Blue' cd release.
Thanks Joe Mulvey

Hi Everybody!

The San Diego BEATLEFAIR is this weekend, July 17th & 18th! http://www.beatlefair.com/ If you live anywhere near Southern California this is a MUST! It's a "star-studded" event this year, including Tony Sheridan, Jackie Lomax, Billy Kramer, Gordon Waller...along with DOCTOR LEV...HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.beatlefair.com/2000/fair.html

Further...... Did you hear that Paul (or is it Billy?) finally admitted that certain songs and lyrics DID have "SECRET" meanings and WERE (in some cases) about drugs? So...is this "solid" evidence enough that the Beatles WOULD also create clues and inferences toward a "Paul-Is-Dead" mystery???... ; ) ...you bet!   <<McCartney, drugs, secret meanings 2.txt>> Also....check out all the latest new "Paul-Is-Dead" clues that have been sent in to our website...they just keep getting better and better! http://www.paul-is-dead.com/newclues.htm

Remember, you can still (and always) buy (signed) copies of Doctor Lev's book (Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles) on our website: www.Paul-Is-Dead.com And, for those of you who would like to have (most of the) audio clues about the Paul-Is-Dead mystery on CD (including the backwards/backmasking versions), please consider our friend, Doctor Taranto's, (excellently produced) "Paul-Is-Dead" clues CD: http://www.paul-is-dead.com/Doctor%20Taranto%20CD%20page.html

The current (and still) release date for the DOCTOR LEV (in search of) "Paul-Is-Dead" DVD is.....FEBRUARY 2006...just before Paul turns 64... ; )

Best wishes & regards, Doctor Lev & the folks @ Billy Shears, Inc. www.Paul-Is-Dead.com DoctorLev@Paul-Is-Dead.com

The Beatles in Liverpool and Beyond - Click here to see a larger image'The Beatles In Liverpool & Beyond'

Copyright Joe Robinson 2004.
For Educational Purposes only.
Copyright of all source materials remains with the owners.
All recordings are only to be used under the terms of the ERA Licence.

This has been put together for a Liverpool Life Long Learning Summer School and will also be used for Adult Learners Week on Friday May 14th & 21st  2004, 10-3pm at Central Libraries (including Picton Library) Liverpool . To be rolled out all over the City in September 2004.

The Early Days in Liverpool
Hamburg & The Reeperbahn
Back To Liverpool & Mersey Beat
Fame & Beatlemania
America & Global Domination
The End Of Touring
Drugs & Psychedelia
In The Studio
'The End' Of The Beatles
Solo Careers & Anthology

Hello Everybody!

Congrats to "Dear 'ol" George Harrison for being inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame this week!

On any road...here is a quick DOCTOR LEV "Paul-Is-Dead" events/interviews update for the Spring of 2004: 1.)  Doctor Lev's "Paul-Is-Dead" lecture/slide-show series continues at the NY/NJ Meadowlands BEATLEFEST April 2nd-4th: Click Here

Pete Best is the main guest star(r) this time 'round!!! This is ~5th event Doctor Lev has shared with the "Best" Beatles drummer (and his brother, Roag)...I guess you could say they're becoming "Best" friends... ; ) 2.)  The Doctor will be discussing his book at the WAMA Timeline Series event April 28th (celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Beatles first US concert, in DC): http://wamadc.com/wama/timelineseries.html 3.)  Doctor Lev was interviewed live on Clear Channel WKIOD, with Roger Pasquier, on February 9th discussing the 40th anniversary of the British Invasion and, of course, the book "Billy Shears: The Secret History of the Beatles", the Paul-Is-Dead mystery, and the website ( www.Paul-Is-Dead.com ). 4.)  The Roanoke Times interviewed Doctor Lev recently after a reader submitted the (infamous) question:  "Who is/was Billy Shears?" See the published article on-line at: http://www1.roanoke.com/roatimes/news/story163785.html

New Book

Hi- I'm dropping a line with a small news bit; hopefully you'll find it worth posting on the site. Basically, I've written a book about concert sound engineers called "Crank It Up," and I have a good-sized chapter in there devoted to McCartney's 2002-03 world tour.
To be fair, the chapter is technical in some places, but it has a lot of insight into what Paul intended with the tour, plus discussion with the engineers on what it's like to work for him, how they shaped the audio on certain songs live and a lot more. Music gearheads will particularly dig it, as it has a complete gear list of the audio equipment used [not instruments though] and info on how they used it all to help make McCartney and the band sound awesome every night.
Overall, there's 33 different bands' tours profiled in the book, ranging from The Rolling Stones to Neil Finn to Beyonce to the Dixie Chicks to the SexPistols--something for everyone. You can find out a bit more about it at my personal site

and a site by Backbeat Books (the publisher):

http://backbeatbooks.com/scripts/store/vsc/store/products/0879307781. html?L+/htdocs/backbeat/config/store+gpxh7345

Thanks for taking a look at this; if you have any questions, drop me a line and I'll try to answer them.

Music, CD and Record Fair

Hi Folks,

Just a reminder that the next Music, CD and Record Fair takes place at the Gresham Royal Marine Hotel, Marine Rd., Dun Laoghaire  NExT SATURDAY, Feb. 21st . All music tastes catered for! More UK dealers than ever before! Vast selection of rarities and bargains! The fair is half vinyl and half cd with lots of books, cassettes, videos and dvds thrown in! Dance to Metal, Jazz to Classical, Rock to Folk and everything in between!!!

Also dates for May 15th, August 21st and 22nd at the same venue.

Rock Legends auction

I hope you are well and Happy New Year! I thought you might be interested in hearing about our forthcoming  onl ine Rock Legends auction on the  26th February wh ich incl udes  lots of Beatles items : - A fabulous signed copy of PLEASE PLEASE ME, signed by all four BEATLES with Ringo's signature trailing away (he literally signed it and dashed off, taking the fan's pen with him!). - The Beatles signed 'Peoples Journal' caricature matted with a picture of Paul McCartney signing it, 1963. - Beatles autographs obtained during the filming of 'A Hard Day's Night' circa 1963. - Several photographs from the Alan Robertson Dezo Hoffmann collection. - Three original large original oil paintings on canvas by Novis which were commissioned in 2003 by the artist's publishers as part of the Novis, Rock Legends collection. - Sketches and a poem with notes and doodles by Stuart Sutcliffe . Various other autographs, recordings, promotional material and more are also featured in the auction. Commission bids can be left at www.cooperowen.com until 5.00pm on the  26th Febr uary . The auction will then be completed from 6.00pm at www.ebayliveauctions.com It would be great if you could mention some information about our auction on your website.  You can use images from our site if you wish. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes , Kaz Catalogue Assistant


Happy Beatle-40th "British-Invasion" Anniversary!

There are many events and broadcasts celebrating and re-living the Beatles (Feb 9, 1964) first US visit and performances (inc. The Ed Sullivan shows) scheduled for today. Doctor Lev is being interviewed on the air this morning on 'Clear Channel' W-KION (California) @ 7:30 PT/10:30 ET. The station's website and links are at: http://www.kion1460.com/main.html We're not sure if they are offering a "webcast" of the show, buuuut, they do list other radio channels they are broadcasting/simulcasting over at the bottom of their web-page, so, maybe one of them is in YOUR area... ; ) Nonetheless, it's a perfect day to remember how it all began (for all of us here in the States).

Beatle-On! Regards,

Doctor Lev

Coffee mugs

I thought you might be interested in our coffee mugs based on photographs of the bronze John Lennon statue situated at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Take a look at www.mugs4coffee.com/JohnLennon.htm

Doug McGarvie


I would like to introduce myself, my name is John HamilI I represent a company called Guitarsolutions we produce a DVD giving guitarists an insight into playing the Beatles. The DVD uses the latest DVD technology in a new way, our website gives a full description of the product and sample clips which your members are welcome to download.
I would also welcome any feedback.
Best wishes,


Greetings fellow Beatlemaniacs!

Doctor Lev's 'Billy Shears' book tour has finally come full circle to our
home base in the Washington DC area!
Complete schedule: http://www.paul-is-dead.com/schedule.htm
Pictures with the Stars: http://www.paul-is-dead.com/stars.htm

65,000 miles and two years later, the tour/show has come to the Maryland Montgomery County JCC Book Festival.
See:  www.jccgw.org/materials/Children%20and%20Families.pdf
Other guest authors include Beatles historian/Journalist Larry Kane and former Secretary of Sate Miss Madeleine Albright:
Full schedule of events: www.jccgw.org/materials/bookschedule.pdf

Doctor Lev will be reaching directly to his "target audience"...the
kids!...HOORAY! Yes, the Doctor will be enlightening the 'pre-teens' of Montgomery County, Maryland to the greatest puzzle/mystery of the 20th century (and possibly ever). Who knows how many future "Cluesters" will be born this Saturday night. But, one thing is sure....the parents of these kids will have to buy lots of Beatles albums, CD's, and books once they learn who John, Paul, George, and Ringo are... ; )))

For those of you who have searched for clues in the past, and for those who have been actively looking, please take a look at some of the fantastic clues that have been submitted to our website to date:
And of course, the "Clue of the Year" (which now includes a sound-file to actually hear it for yourself... ; )

Finally, for those of you who would like to research the history and clues of the "Paul-Is-Dead" mystery further, please check out some of the totally
cool "Paul-Is-Dead" websites that we've uncovered:

Thanks once again to all of you who have supported Doctor Lev and the Paul-Is-Dead mystery in the past, and to those that will help it "carry on" in the future!

Yours truly,

Doctor Lev
and the staff at Billy Shears Inc.

PS  Please take note of some of the VIP's that have made the book and other past projects of Doctor Lev possible:


Beatles auction

Hiya, I thought you might be interested in hearing about our forthcoming Beatles auction. It would be great if you could mention our auction on your website. I will paste below further information. Please contact me if you have any queries or would like a complimentary printed catalogue. Kind regards, Kaz Simmons Catalogue Assistant www.cooperowen.com Cooper Owen's fourth annual BEATLES auction takes place on Thursday 20 November  at 6.00p m GMT and makes a welcome return to the HARD ROCK CAF E , Old Park Lane, London.

A host of important lots are included, such as a rare invitation to the premiere of A HARD DAY'S NIGHT signed by the band and dedicated to  " a chip of the old potato ", 'TV Director' Victor Spinetti . Another very rare piece is an early contract signed by Brian Epstein for the Beatles appearance at the Oasis Club in Manchester in 1962.

Also included is a copy of 'Please Please Me' signed by the band, together with a variety of early autographs - everything from a signed half of a 1963 Royal Performance programme to a wonderful caricature of the band, won in a competition in the 'Peoples Journal' newspaper in 1963 together with an image of Paul signing it.

An amusing collection of lots comes in the form of fantastic pre-preproduction artwork and cels for the US 'Beatles cartoon' . A Ltd Edition Silver Series Fender Stratocaster guitar given by George Harrison to his friend, comedian Spike Milligan forms an interesting centre-piece to the sale.

The third part of the Alan Robertson DEZO HOFFMANN photographic collection comprises almost half the sale - a selection of stunning black and white studio-stamped prints of the band throughout their career including many rarely seen candid shots.

Other lots of interest include an antique coffer from John Lennon's Weybridge home with a letter of authenticity from his ex-wife Cynthia, a rare boxed Red Jet electric guitar , a Sgt. Peppers promo standee , a signed Bag One erotic lithograph , a corduroy coat owned by John Lennon, an Alan Williams business card together with a whole host of posters, autographs, international merchandising, photographs and much, much more.

Lots will be on view at Cooper Owen ' s Auction Gallery, 23 Denmark St, London, WC2H 8LS on Tuesday 18 November from 11am - 5pm and Wednesday 19 from 10am - 5pm. If you intend coming to the auction we strongly advise pre-registration.

Please email us at auctions@cooperowen.com for further information. http://www.cooperowen.com


Hello to you in Ireland fellow BEATLES fans!

This message is to let you know that BeatLspirit are now producing quality Prints & Postcards of the BEATLES taken from exciting new designs by the Liverpool-born artist Pamela Blanchfield.

Why not visit us at: http://www.beatlspirit.co.uk/ to see our current range.  This will expand over time incorporating further original items of interest to BEATLES fans. Because BeatLspirit is a new company at the moment we have a 'SPECIAL OFFER FOR FANS'.

You may wish to treat yourself, or choose a gift for a friend whom you know will appreciate aquiring a piece of UK cultural and musical heritage. Please forward this email to another BEATLES fan so that they too can share in this opportunity of owning these beautiful items from Liverpool, the home of the Fabulous BEATLES.

With Thanks and Best Wishes


Dear All, Here below is the latest Pete Best.com news.

1) Pete Best's show in Jersey on the 11th of October is now SOLD OUT to those of you that have purchased a ticket, we look forward to seeing you there. Those people who unfortunately were unable to purchase a ticket, we hope to see you at other Pete Best events through the UK.

2) Pete Best will be attending a special celebrity dinner on Thursday the 16th of October in Sheffield, UK. This event has now SOLD OUT.

3) For those of you who live in the USA, Pete Best will be attending the Boston Super Megashow on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2003. For further details please visit www.supermegashow.com . The Pete Best Band's scheduled tour of the USA for November 2003, has unfortunately had to be re-scheduled for July 2004. We apologise for any inconvenience.

4) Pete Best will be appearing at the UK's biggest autograph show at the Birmingham NEC, the date for the show is the 29th & 30th of November 2003. This will be Pete's last autograph appearence of 2003.

5) The Pete Best Band's performance in Barcelona has now been rescheduled for March the 7th 2004. The event will now be taking place in Gerona.

6) The Casbah recording studio is now at it's second stage. The sound proofing and electrical installation work is currently being undertaken. Further details to follow.

We at Petebest.com would like to thank you again for your continued support.
All The Best Pete Best.com


The Authentic Beatles Live in Cardiff December 2003

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th December

At The Cardiff Moat House Hotel

Visit the swinging Sixties with one of the best Tribute Bands in the Country

Price per person £34.50

The price includes a three course evening meal, rocket balloons, streamers and crackers, Tribute band and Disco until late, and remember to watch out for our table magician!

Why not make it a mini break? stay overnight for only £25.00 per person sharing a twin or double room. This includes overnight accommodation, full breakfast and complimentary use of club Moativation Health and Fitness Club.

Call the Christmas Hot Line today

02920589900 - Quote "Beatles Fan Club" and receive a 10% discount

Visit our Virtual Tour at www.moathousehotels.com


New Book

My name is Rich Maryyanek and I work for Big Tent Entertainment. We  are publishing a "new" book by Robert Freeman (photographer who did  the first 5 album covers, title sequencing for Help! and Hard Days  Night, as well as some of the most famous photographs of The Beatles  ever).

A link to our website is www.beatlesprivateview.com -- please take a  look. We are offering a Collector's Edition book complete with a signed, numbered limited edition Giclee Print of Robert's suggestion for the 6th album cover "Revolver". The Collector's Edition book, print and case retail for $300. Sotheby's of NYC has valued the print alone at $300.

Thus  far, a very select group has been exposed to this offer. Our reviews and public exposure is scheduled for Oct/Nov in magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin, etc.

We would offer you and your members the following:

 5% off for members  ( $285 net cost )

10% back to you  ( $28.50 per purchase )

If you are interested, please let me know.  Please contact me if you think we can work something out, and please take a look at the site.


best regards,

Rich Maryyanek



Beatle Sister Reads Beatle Parody. Beatle sister Louise Harrison (oldest sister of George Harrison) has recorded on audio CD a new children’s book entitled Monstermania. It is a parody of the Beatles, monster version. The book is to be released toward the end of this year. The audio CD will also include 25 Beatle cover songs by 1964 The Tribute, considered to be the Number 1 Beatle band in the world. Beatle fans are already very excited about the book. The cover of the book and portions of the text can be seen on the website of Esquire Publishing, Inc. at www. monsterbooks.net Pre-orders are now being accepted.


Hi everyone, Long time no speak!!

Loads of things have happened here in Liverpool, too many to mention, but two highlights:- 1/ Paul playing Kings Dock, when I was delighted to provide the tours for his official website www.paulmccartney.com - what an honour - and what a night!  To read all about it (and see me with guitarist Rusty Anderson) go to http://liverpoolbeatlescene.com/MaccaLiverpool.html 2/ Liverpool has been awarded 'EUROPEAN CAPITAL CITY OF CULTURE!'.

Its been a long time coming - Us Liverpudlians (and you Beatle fans)  always knew we were a special city, we were just waiting for everyone else to realise it <LOL>. We wont be 'crowned' until the year 2008, but we're planning the parties now & you're all invited ; ).

To find out what this means, and the impact it will have on our city, go to www.liverpoolculture.com . Two imminent live@pool tours events: JOHN LENNON DAY - SATURDAY 11TH OCTOBER Celebrating Johns birthday on the 9th, we'll feature the traditional all day tour of Lennon's Liverpool, including a musical lunch in Woolton Village where Lennon met McCartney PLUS a fantastic evening of Lennon & Beatle music at New Clubmoor Hall - the venue where John & Paul first played alongside each other back in October 1957.  See http://www.liveapool.com/page10.html .

A BRITISH BEATLE CHRISTMAS!! SATURDAY 6TH DECEMBER Following on from our successful debut Christmas party last year, we'll repeat the event with Sherry at Ringo's, Mince Pies & Mulled wine at St Peters Church, Traditional turkey (or veggie!) dinner at The Philharmonic Dining Rooms, then a fantastic afternoon of music at The Jacaranda when we'll join t the FAB charity event organised by Lucy from the British Beatle Fan Club.

All proceeds from The Jacaranda party will go to The Linda McCartney Centre & Macmillan Nurses. More news....The Casbah Coffee Club will open officially to the public sometime next year...but until them live@pool tours have negotiated exclusive access as part of our 'here-there-everywhere' taxi tour - details on the website. and finally.....

Anyone fancy joining us on a Hamburg weekend?? No details yet, but together with our mates THE PRELLIES http://www.theprellies.co.uk  (who made their debut in The Casbah at our Paul McCartney Day two years ago and went on to REALLY rock Liverpool Beatleweek) we are hoping to organise a trip sometime next year (probably May)...let me know if you wanna Mach Schau! Until next time...




Russian band Romislokus

Russian band Romislokus do their music together since 2000.
They had already released three albums and well-developed web-site which contains a lot of their music, lyrics and artworks.
Plenty of reviews trying to define their musical style say about presence of progressive rock with large diversity of other styles of music.
And it isn't accidental for them to record a cover of John Lennon's "Imagine". The band members count music of The Beatles among main influences in their life causing them to become the musicians.

Here is the thoughts about this cover:
" The songs of John Lennon influence on everyone who sings about reality, dreams, lonelyness and love.
Imagine is a quintessence of all that...
Romislokus had a long way to perform this song.
This version is the one from the endlessness of possible versions for "Imagine" of John Lennon.

It has naturally another sound.
Everyone has his own answer for the question: "what is life?".
Everyone has his own vision when listening to original, without a doubt best, without a doubt master sounding of "Imagine".
Romislokus presents their version, version of russian format."

We invite you to meet the version of "Imagine" at official Romislokus'
site www.romislokus.com where it is available for free downloading in
high quality format of MP3 compressing.
Also there are a lot of original music of Romislokus, video clips, reviews, history of the band, articles, lyrics, photogallery and list of radiostations broadcasting music of Romislokus worldwide.

Dear All Petebest.com is proud to announce dates for August 2003,

On the 23rd and 24th of August Pete Best will be performing an Autograph session at the SECC Centre in Glasgow, times and venue address to follow.
On the 28th of August Pete Best will be performing his one man show, An Audience with Pete Best.
The Venue is the Riverbank House Hotel, in beautiful Wexford, Ireland.
Admission and contact prices are to follow.
Also one other important piece of news is Pete Best's Merchandise page is now live and people can order items such as signed photographs,
Books and CD's from this page.
So be sure to come inside and check this out.
Further Items to follow however your suggestions for merchandise is always welcome.
On a final note Petebest.com and the Pete Best Band would like to thank all our American supporters, for there continued support during the last USA tour in July.
We hope to see yourselves again during the September Tour.
Thanks for your time

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