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Paul - The stories






The Life and Times of Paul McCartney


1942: Born June 18 in Liverpool to parents Mary and Jim — a part-time jazz musician.

1957: Meets John Lennon at a church picnic and joins skiffle group The Quarrymen.

1962: They become The Beatles, in homage to Buddy Holly’s The Crickets. Their first hit, Love Me Do, reaches No 17. 

1963: Please Please Me starts a run of No 1s for the next four years. 

1964: Paul and the boys make their screen debut in A Hard Day’s Night. 

1967: Paul meets Linda Eastman.

1968: Paul becomes the first Westerner to release an album in the Soviet Union, CHOBA B CCCP (Back In The USSR)

1969: Paul and Linda marry on March 12 at Marylebone Register Office. The Beatles play together live for the last time on the roof of Apple Records, London. 

1971: The Beatles split. Paul releases his debut solo album, McCartney, and forms Wings with Linda.

1973: Wings Band On The Run wins two Grammy Awards and sells three million copies in the US.

1977: Their next record, Mull Of Kintyre, becomes the bestselling single of all time in Britain. Paul wins an Ivor Novello Award. 

1979: The Guinness Book Of Records declares Paul the most successful popular composer of all time. 

1980: Paul releases McCartney II, and Wings prepare to tour Japan. But Paul is arrested for possessing marijuana and the tour is abandoned. In December, John Lennon is murdered. Paul cancels another tour out of respect. Guitarist Denny Lame leaves the band in protest. 

1981: Wings split.

1982: Paul releases Tug Of War, which Includes Ebony & Ivory duet with Stevie Wonder. He also starts a successful partnership with Michael Jackson. 

1984: Paul directs and stars in the film, Give My Regards To Broad Street. Michael Jackson buys the rights to the Lennon-McCartney catalogue. Paul ends their working relationship. 

1987: Paul’s greatest hits album, All The Best, goes platinum in three days. 

1991: Paul’s Liverpool Oratorio, his first full-length classical piece, is premiered at Liverpool Cathedral.

1993: Yesterday — Paul’s personal favourite — is aired for the six-millionth time on US radio, making it the most played song ever

1994: Paul, George and Ringo release the first Beatles song in 25 years, Free As A Bird, based on an unfinished demo by Lennon.

1996: The National Trust buys Paul’s childhood home in Liverpool. LIPA (Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts) — Paul’s conversion of his old school — is opened by the Queen.

1997: Paul becomes a Sir — and is bombarded by three million questions from fans in an Internet interview. 

1998: Linda dies from breast cancer. Q magazine names Paul the world’s richest rock star with a fortune of £500 million.

1999: Paul meets his current partner, Landmines campaigner and former model Heather Mills.

2000: In October, Paul and Heather publicly declare their love for each other on Stars And Their Lives.

2001: Paul’s book of poems and lyrics, entitled Blackbird Singing, is published. Rumours abound as to whether he and Heather will marry this year, fuelled by her father's claim that they will honeymoon on the Mull of Kintyre.

2002: Paul starts tour in the states. He becomes Executive Honorary Member of Beatles Ireland and marries Heather Mills on the same day in Ireland.

2003: Paul plays in Ireland which is his 1st Irish gig in 40 years.


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