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Paul McCartney



Paul McCartney









Paul - The stories






    Paul's Wedding
    In a last-ditch bid to save his wedding day, a distraught Paul McCartney summoned his four grown children to a secret family summit

    How Linda gave my heart Wings by Patrick Humphnes
    It all began with the toss of a coin. Standing outside their London home, beside a van packed with musical gear....

    The Life and Times of Paul McCartney
    Born June 18 in Liverpool to parents Mary and Jim — a part-time jazz musician.

    Sir Paul McCartney's moving tribute to his beloved wife
    This is a total heartbreak for my family and I, Linda was, and still is, the love of my life

    Heather's long and winding road
    He was married to the same woman for 30 years; she's been engaged at least three times. Can this marriage work?

    Love Me Do
    The sound check over, Paul McCartney stares out across the empty seats of the ice-hockey stadium, eyebrows raised, lost in thought.

    Is this Paul's secret daughter?
    This woman sensationally claims to be the secret lovechild of millionaire rock star Paul McCartney.

    Paul McCartney stamps
    Sir Paul McCartney has designed a set of sixstamps in a bid to raise money for his anti-landmines charity.

    The busy Beatle by Edna Gundersen
    Last year, Paul McCartney published poetry tome Blackbird Singing, released the retrospective Wingspan CD set and documentary.....

    McCartney makes it all look easy By Greg Kot
    On Wednesday, the 31st anniversary of the Beatles breakup, Paul McCartney held aloft a violin-shaped Hofner bass that made the years melt away.

    Sir Paul's school to use funds By Ian Latta
    A Scholarship fund set up by Sir Paul McCartney's old school is finally to be shared out after languishing in a bank for 17 years.

    Paul Recalls Japanese Jail
    Paul McCartney speaking for the first time in 21 years about the drug bust that sent him to jail, admitted it was "very, very scary'' in his Japanese cell.

    Former Beatle Delights Crowd At Ice Palace
    Admittedly, Paul McCartney probably could win over an audience on charm alone, which he still carries at 1964 levels.

    The Linda McCartney Story
    It's easy to see how CBS was drawn to ‘The Linda McCartney Story’ which, at first blush seems to offer all things to all demos.

    Paul Drops Irish Song from Album
    Paul McCartney has been forced to drop a controversial song off his latest album by his record company.




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