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Paul McCartney's Irish Heritage

James Paul McCartney was born at 107 Rice Lane, Walton Park, on the 18th June 1942, the son of James McCartney of 10 Sunbury Road, Liverpool, who was then working as a centre-lathe turner in an aircraft factory.

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Paul in concert - Dublin and Liverpool

Just like 7th November 1963, May 27th 2003 is a date that will be forever etched in the minds of Irish Beatles fans.

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Paul McCartney becomes Executive

Honorary Member

Pete immediately put a letter in front of Paul asking him if he’d like to become Honorary Patron of Beatles Ireland, to which he replied "I’m not signing anything here, but I’ll sign this"

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Paul - The stories

Paul McCartney has promised to play his first Irish gig for 39 years after meeting his biggest fans in the Republic. The singer has also agreed to become honorary patron of the Beatles Ireland Fan Club.

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The Paul McCartney Interviews

The interviews that Paul has done over the years.

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Paul's Art

Beatles Ireland Member Jens Schurmann lives in Germany not too far from a place called Siegen. He found time to go and have a look at Paul’s art exhibition, and gives us his impressions of Paul’s work.

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Paul McCartney's Fact Files

Find out about Paul and his family back ground.

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