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First Day — Saturday 27/08/94

Let me say first of all that we were filled with great excitement from the time we boarded the plane at Dublin Airport, until we landed at Liverpool (I travelled with my wife Frances). We knew it was going to be something special and we weren’t disappointed. 


We took a taxi to our Hotel (we were staying at the St George’s), left our luggage and headed downtown. When we reached Mathew Street, there was a great feeling of nostalgia just to be walking down the same street where The Beatles must have walked hundreds of times. To feel the atmosphere of the place, to have a few drinks in the Grapes - the pub The Beatles drank in when they played The Cavern. 


To meet fellow Beatle Fans from all over the world, who have to be the friendliest there is. The Beatles shop is like walking into Aladdin’s cave. There is something for everyone, Records, Books, Posters, etc. But a great surprise was to hear from behind someone saying Beatles Ireland, and to turn around and see Catherine and Lorraine standing there. 


It was great to see the girls and to have a drink with them in the Grapes. Later on we then went to The Beatle Auction, but things were a bit steep, so we left. Then it was on to The Cavern, which I was really looking forward too. There was a lot of cover groups, but the one I liked best was a group called ‘Liverpool’. I think they were from Sweden, but they were very good. 


But the one we were all waiting for of course was The Pete Best Band, who to my mind was absolutely brilliant. Their set consisted of Rock ‘n’ Roll standards and stuff Pete would have done with The Beatles in Hamburg and The Cavern. This is not the original Cavern but is build roughly on the same spot, so this did not take from the atmosphere, the band and the crowd created, which was electric. 


They were making a video of Pete’s show, so who knows, maybe some of us from the club will be on it. After the show, which was about 2½ hours long. Pete signed autographs and posed for photos with the fans. I was lucky to have his CD signed. This is a CD Pete recorded in the Adelphi in 1992, some posters and a photo, taken with him, and to shake the hand of a man who, although did not make the millions John, Paul, George and Ringo made, is still part of Beatle history. 


After the concert it was back to the hotel to freshen up, then back to the central hall to see Instant Karma, the John Lennon Tribute Band. This band is very good and I would urge you to go and see them if they play in Dublin. Cynthia Lennon was in attendance, but unlike Pete Best, we could not get near her. 


What a pity, but I suppose you can’t have everything. Instant Karma got about 4 encores, then it was back to the Adelphi for more drinks, where we were lucky enough to meet Billy J. Kramer, who we found to be very friendly and we got more autographs. Then at about 2am it was time to head off to bed. (Phew what a great first day)


Day Two

After breakfast we headed for the Adelphi once again where the flea market was in progress and I thought The Beatles shop had everything. This was some thing (anyone going next year had better save lots of money), there was dozens of stalls, selling things from Gold Discs to Limited Edition Albums, 12"singles, 7" singles, books, videos, thinks from the 60’s, like Beatle lamps, guitars, wigs, trays, autographs and much more. I could go on all night. 


I spent quite a lot of money there but was very happy with what I got. While this was going on there was lots of tribute bands playing in the main hall, again to many to name, but what we were really waiting for was the interview with Cynthia Lennon.


She was interviewed by a DJ, whose name escapes me at the moment; but it was video taped by Joe from the club, so no doubt we will see it in the near future (sorry Joe, I don’t know your surname). 


As you will see from the tape Cynthia came across as a very warm and charming person. She answered the questions very honesty and it was a great pleasure to see her even from a far. 


Next came Billy J. Kramer, who we all thought was trying to hard to be funny, but it was good to see and listen to him just the same. After the interviews, it was back to more live music, then it was back to our hotel to rest a bit and have something to eat; then back to the Adelphi for more music and a few drinks. 


My one regret is that I did not get to see our own Quarrymen, but maybe next time. The night was planed to go on until 4am, but we only lasted until 2:30. Going back to our hotel yet again tired but happy.


Day Three

We were going home today; our plane leaving at 2pm. But we still had time to visit Albert Dock to see The Beatles Experience and more shopping. It is a great place not to be missed. I picked up a few more things, with which I was very pleased. So that’s it for 1994, except next year I hope to see a lot more people from the Fan Club there, I can tell you you’re in for a real treat.


Until next year
All the best
Hughie Cole
Beatles Ireland






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